Yellowhead Brewing Company – Edmonton, Alberta

As Sarah and I walked the market this weekend, we encountered a gentleman (who I later discovered was brew master Scott Harris) handing out information about Yellowhead Brewing Company. With my volunteering duties wrapped up, and food in your belly (more to come on that later), we thought it would be great to wander over and see what’s what.

Located in what was most recently the now defunct Maverick Brewing building, The Yellowhead Brewery name actually pays homage to the first local brew from Yellowhead Pass which I believe dates back to before the turn of the last century. On top of that, this historic building was once a cigar factory, and largest employer in our city. Imagine that!

This craft brewery offers one beer, the Yellowhead Premium Lager, which is a Helles-style beer. The single offering makes the tasting room seem rather dull in comparison to the beer tours I’ve taken at larger establishments south of the border. With a few tables, and an almost empty cooler from which you could purchase beer, the tasting room seemed more like a frat house basement than first class brewery. Likewise, the attached party room, was a mix of tables, chairs, ladders, tools and electrical equipment. I’m not sure when things are going to pick up, but I do hope that I’ll be pleasantly surprised to see a clean and beautiful room for my next visit.

P.S. On a hot day like this one, you might just want to watch how long you stay and chat..because the more you talk, the harder time you’ll have at actually finishing the seemingly endless glass. 😉