City Market Cook Book Festival

Although not as diligent as Sharon, who is Edmonton’s downtown market updater, I’ve tried my best to make the City Market Downtown a regular part of my Saturday morning adventures. This year, the market celebrates each month with a specific and fun theme. This past Saturday, marked the third of five, and was know as the Cook Book Festival

Those who found themselves wandering around the market, were able to stop and rest in the center square while chefs prepared and served delicious local treats. Besides showing up and taking pictures, something I’d do anyways, Sarah and I volunteered to do what we could for a couple of hours. Showing up just before 10, we found fellow blogger and volunteer The Brulee Blog, getting ready to hand out Chef Brad Smoliak’s fantastic looking version of eggs benedict.

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After Chef Smoliak, I put down the camera and put on the gloves in preparation for helping Chef Elaine Wilson. It was a delight to hear Chef Wilson do her thing as I handed out her Thai inspired treats. On top of handing out samples, I was given a knife at one point and asked to breakdown her bbq’d chicken thighs! Now handing out samples to the people is great, but being asked to help prepare…now that gets the blood going.

After Chef Wilson stepped away form the microphone, the crowd was treated to more goodies from Chef Blair Lebsack, who runs the kitchen over at Madison’s Grill. Having yet another local blogger, What’s For Dinner, to hand out samples, Sarah and I stepped away at this point, to feed our growing hunger and to find myself the lucky recipient of a City of Edmonton parking ticket. Without being around, I have no doubt that Chef Lebsack served up a tasty treat. The Cook Book Festival was not just profiling local chefs, it was also putting our local ingredients into the spotlight. And as such, it was no surprise to come back from lunch and see Julianna Mimande promoting the very local, and beautiful cookbook, We Eat Together. I should say, I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the team behind this book, so if the above picture is not Julianna, just let me know!

The event was fantastic, and something Sarah and I were glad to be a part of. A big thank you to market manager Maria, who extended the volunteer invitation, and to the chefs and suppliers who continue to show how easy it is to prepare delicious treats with our local products.

*** You can read about The Brulee Blog’s rundown of her experience here.

3 thoughts on “City Market Cook Book Festival

  1. Hey Chris,
    Im the owner of Irie Foods my name is Kirk. I was wondering if you had a chance to come by the restaurant yet to try some of the dishes. I was reading some of your articles and didnt see anything on Irie. I’m always curious and open to the publics comments.

    Have an Irie day!

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  3. Wow! NOw that’s an invitation for a review, isn’t it (above comment). The day looked spectacular and what fun for you all to be involved. I heard Sharon was at the Slow Food booth. Great stuff happening in the summer in the city. I hate to miss it all. Next year, we will travel in the fall… so, I will be home to garden and participate in the city;s foodie adventures. What a gorgeous day for that event! I love the photo with the beets!

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