Fast Food Veggie Burger #4 – Burger King

Burger King
4212 Calgary Trail
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It was pretty hard not to notice the Burger King through the window and as I sat across the street ordering my A&W veggie burger. Having read some absolutely terrible stories about the King’s version, I felt like I needed to put this one off. But for how long became the question. What if I had already found the best, only to leave myself in a world of disgust by saving the worst for last, I couldn’t let this happen, so I pulled up my veggie burger britches and walked in with my chin held high.

With my burger order in play, I followed the line and waited with my fellow diners. The customer next to me had ordered a few fish burgers, and during the order prep, it seemed like she became the lucky recipient of a veggie burger. Good thing she was hunger, because she’d ripped open her order before she hit the exit day and quickly discovered the mishap.

Looking extraordinarily normal, I discovered the King was the first restaurant in my hunt to use a standard bun. Seems like someone forgot to tell his majesty that vegetarians only eat whole wheat 😉 The patty looked normal, albeit a little sad when compared to a beef product, and it was topped with fresh veggies. With all of the horror stories running through my head, I closed my eyes and mentally prepared for my first bite.

A soft bun quickly contrasted with the bite of raw onion, which was surround in the lake of ketchup & BK sauce that was ladled onto the top bun. What surprised me the most was the char grill taste that seemed to be almost embedded into the patty. This was the first veggie burger in my hunt to have that backyard BBQ feel. The one down side to this burger was the liquid condiments. Having a healthy squirt of BK sauce on the bun quickly overwhelmed any lasting bbq flavour and become synonymous with every bite. Veggie burger or not, this sauce combination made it taste exactly like every other burger I’ve had from the King. Although it’s been some time since I battled the whopper, so I may be off the map. The end result was quite the surprise. Maybe it was my mental build up, or maybe it was the BK sauce that stole the show, but this burger wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d originally though.