The Week That Was And Is – August 6th, 2010

That’s right folks, welcome to August and the exciting times that continue. With just a few days passing after the Capital Ex and Heritage Festival wrap up, the Edmonton Folk Music Festival is upon us. On top of that, this time next week, we’ll also be engulfed with visitors from around the world as The Edmonton International Fringe Festival kicks off another year! Festival city indeed. I love this town.

  • Sarah and I were lucky enough to dine with one of Vancouver’s most capable food bloggers, when Kim from I’m Only Here For The Food! came to town recently. Taking the chance to make this sea neighbouring eater dine in a sushi restaurant, Furusato, lets just say I hope that I did a decent job of representing what a land locked city can do.
  • Don’t forget that tomorrow is the annual Beer & Boar BBQ. The $50 tickets will get you a belly full of goodness…although I don’t know if I could or should eat my money’s worth.
  • Edmonton Journaly food writer, Liane Faulder, recently wrote an article about street food in Edmonton. Highlighting FiliStix, Eva Sweets and Fat Franks, the article moved on to what I think was basically calling out other entrepreneurs. I can’t help but be a little pessimistic though. Besides some regulations (as told to me by the woman behind Fat Franks) and a culture that doesn’t inherently trust ‘the unknown’, I just don’t know how far we’ll go. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see more mobile food; I just hope our culture will adapt quickly.
  • The FDA has declared gulf seafood safe to eat…but I wonder if you’d want it on your plate? “Fish and shellfish harvested from areas unaffected by the closures are considered safe to eat
  • I quite enjoyed this list of the Top Five Five Questions to Answer Before You Decide Where to Eat (When You’re Drunk).
  • I’m always interested in reading about long-term studies, and this one about weight gain eroding Americans’ quality of life goes on to show “…that the number of healthy days per year that Americans lose due to obesity has more than doubled over the past two decades, from about 7.5 in 1993 to 17 in 2008“.
  • I have a feeling that many criminals aren’t very bright (or at least the ones that get caught I guess), but calling back to the Wendy’s Restaurant you just robbed to complain about the amount of cash stolen, seems depressingly stupid. “Next time there better be more than $586,” he said during the first call to Wendy’s. Police say he made “a similar threat” in the second call.”
  • Last night I was lucky enough to witness Alix, who will be representing Cafe Haven, complete her final practice before heading to Calgary for the third annual Prairies Regional Barista Competition. For anyone interested, the even runs tomorrow at Fratello Coffee Roasters from 8:30Am until just after 5. It was amazing to spend an hour with Cafe Haven’s Michael & Julie, and the extremely knowledgeable Chad Moss from Transcend.

Serious Tasting - Chad & Michael

  • Sarah and I hit up the Art Gallery of Alberta last weekend. Being that it was my first time back since opening, I was quite excited to see the changing displays. The most notable moments may have just come courtesy of the wedding party’s, as it seemed everywhere you looked or stood, pictures were being snapped of those intimate moments.

  • A recent trip to the, always classy, US of A by my father meant a few kind offerings for yours truly yesterday. Some local brews were brought back (which I’ll blog about later), but maybe what sticks out the most is this Bud & Clam combo. The second, and maybe most exciting gift, is this BeaterBlade for my KitchenAid machines. I’ve been hoping to get my hands on one of these lately, and I’m super stoked to give a whirl for quick breads.

  • A crazy week for Travel Channel. No Reservations was more about Tony, than maybe ever before. A look back at his life while he was becoming a star, and the world was truly getting its first glimpse of the class one A-hole in development. Gotta love the good old days. Adam Richman on the other hand, was making his Man V. Food challenge into a deep fry heaven. Taking on the Top Cat Challenge at the Steak & Catfish Barn.  In order to claim the title of “Top Cat”, Adam must complete a plate of two sides, and a mountainous pile of fried catfish in just one hour.  All he has to do to be the new champion is eat one more fried catfish fillet than the current “Top Cat”.  Of course, it isn’t as straight he’ll have to eat 29, three-ounce pieces!

5 thoughts on “The Week That Was And Is – August 6th, 2010

  1. Chris, it was great to finally meet you and Sarah, too! I will jump the gun here and say that Furusato beats the crap out of a lot of sushi eateries here. As I told you, just because we have more of them does not mean they are all good. So, for a land-locked city, I thought Furusato was good. The question now is… When are you coming to Vancouver? I have to make up for that dinner! 😀

  2. Does the beater blade fit onto any kitchen aid? Great to catch up on what is happening in the city. I am still away – currently in Belgrade (at Vanja’s brother’s) and dying to come home. It has been long enough. I want to see my garden. I want to practice what I learned in my cooking classes. I want to sleep in my own bed! I will now catch up on your other posts!

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