Blueberry Buckle

As a fan of most fruits (Durian not included), the homestead is usually awash with different fruits as they come in and out of season. Blueberries seem to be everywhere in our city right now, from the market to the grocery store. So with a new gadget for my KitchenAid mixer and a 5lb box of blueberries, I figured the two could work together and help me create a nice old-time treat; blueberry buckle.

Looking first to my trusty interweb source, Joy of Baking, I found this recipe and went about my business. The new Beaterblade is plastic, but it feels well made and connects to the base like any other tool. With the silicon blades touching your bowl, you will find some instructions on how to raise or lower the head of your KA so you can find the sweet spot. I played with it going up and down, and probably ended up back to where I started. I imagine it will take a bit of play.

The blade actually works really well. The sides of the bowl never jammed up with goop, as the rotating head made quick work of the batter that crept up the side. Once I was happy with the batter, I poured it into a Pyrex 8×8 pan and smoothed everything out. Two cups of fresh bluebs and a streusal top finished everything off before going into the oven.

Warm, and perfectly sweet; this buckle is definitely a keeper. The base was soft, and light with the weight of the blueberries giving it just enough density to be easily movable once cut from the pan. If anything, I’d probably put this pan under the broiler for a minute or two so I could get that appealing brown crust. Now…to think of another adventure for this new blade.


3 thoughts on “Blueberry Buckle

  1. Rohhh that looks really good!!! I made an apricot clafouti yesterday, but now I’m going to have to get some blueberries and try this!!!

    • I did see some delicious looking apricots the other day. They were just on the verge of being soft, but I didn’t pull the trigger.

  2. What a great old fashioned dessert! The best kind! Have you ever picked blueberries? I have not, though I do love them and buy them, I would also love to pick them. I am sure this made a great breakfast the next morning!

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