Sour Cherry Pie

It’s been a good year now since I last made a pie crust. It’s not like pie isn’t tasty, 99% of them are, but really, who needs to be eating an entire pie to themselves. On top of that, some pretty darn tasty pies have made their way into to the homestead over this period which only adds to the laziness. All of this means my pie crust skills are falling by the wayside. Bread..oh yeah! Pie…lets see…

The whole reason I even started thinking about pie, was the boatload of sour cherries that appeared at our door. All shades of bright red, the cherries were just begging to be wrapped in a pie crust. Who am I to not let them get their wish. It also helps that we have one seriously addicted sour cherry pie fan in the house, so there was more than just a bit of hinting. Looking around the interwebs, I found a recipe on Epicurious that had a favourable rating and decided to wing it. Did I mention that I’d just barely woken up!

I kept the filling the same, but the pasty needed one small substitution; booze! I remember watching an episode of America’s Test Kitchen where they replaced a bit of the water with vodka, which doesn’t react with the gluten like water, giving you more time to find that right texture and consistency. So out went 2 tablespoons of water, and in went two heaping tablespoons of Smirnoff. After pulsing everything together in my trusty food processor, I divided the dough into two pieces and cooled the discs in the fridge.

Next up was the cherry pitting, which always reminds me of how much I love my cherry pitting tool. Probably only a coupe of bucks, it’s an great way to save time and avoid most of the red cherry dye. I say most, because I still ended up looking like I went three rounds with Elmo. With the dough chilled, I began rolling the dough for the final preparation. I placed one sheet of dough in the pan and filled it the now sugary, tart globes. For the top, I eyeballed strips of dough (no ruler here) and went about creating a ghetto lattice job. Not the prettiest pie going in, I was impressed by the final result. Taking just about 75 minutes in total, the top of the crust was browning nicely while the fruit was a bubbling crude.

My fellow homesteaders did everything they could to convince me to cut it open right away, but, I always remember Alton Brown telling us to let your pie cool. The last thing you want to wreck is a pie you just worked so hard on. Even with the wait, It was a little runny when I first cut into it; something that was fixed with a bit of fridge. A taste test after supper unveiled an amazing pie. The pastry was fantastic, light and flaky with just the right amount of crisp. The interior is definitely for a sour cherry fan, and was so well balanced that it was addicting. Yummer summer my friends; this recipe is a keeper.

12 thoughts on “Sour Cherry Pie

  1. We planted 2 cherry trees in the front and all we have to show for it is 4 cherries. boo hoo. maybe next year and then i will get to make a sour cherry pie too. (The pastry looks amazing)

  2. If you keep posting stuff like that, I soon won’t be able to come here anymore, given that I’m trying to lose a few pounds… 😉 This looks WAAAAAAYYYYY too good to pass!!!

  3. “Who needs a whole cherry pie?” NO ONE! That is why you are STILL supposed to bring tasty treats to your favourite barista (who is feeling neglected and is going to go cry in the corner now).

  4. This is an incredibly gorgeous rustic pie. I love everything about it – including the photography! Where did you get the berries? I was going to have a truckload of them on my tree this year as it was full of blossoms until the May 29th snow. I will have a cup or two now. They make excellent sauce to go with duck or pork, too. And, I have tried them with ice cream, but didn’t care for that. It was too maraschino cherry-like. I am super impressed at this work of art! (Drool!)

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