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Cora Breakfast and Lunch
2920 Calgary Trail
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With Hurricane still visiting from across the pond, and Sarah’s dad making a stop on his way thru form Saskatoon, the four of us headed over to Cora’s for a fruit filled breakfast. Actually, I should say yours truly was a little late to the party. Which is actually a bad thing at Cora’s, as they won’t seat the group until your entire party arrives. My bad! I wonder if the wait times will be significantly reduced when the capital region sees three new Cora locations open?

Most of the meal was catching up, sharing stories, and basic life chit-chat. However, it was pretty clear that service had fallen dramatically since my last visit. Coffee and water refills were few and far between and made me sad that the glasses they use are so small. I don’t usually mind spaced out coffee deliver, especially during these catch-up style meals, but at least give me a 12 or 16 ounce glass so I don’t drain the entire thing with one sip.

Sarah’s father dined on the Crepomelette au Gratin with swiss cheese, and the smoothie of the day. Hurricane ordered a Tuna Melt (sans cheese) with a side of potatoes, making this the first ever lunch menu item I’ve seen; who goes to Cora’s for lunch 😉 Sarah ordered the biggest Nutella & fruit crepe known to man kind, which is a variation of the April 89. While yours truly, who’d already eaten a hardy breakfast, decided to load my weekly intake of fiber with the Samira Wake Up.

The only major flaw seemed to be Sarah’s crepe. The gargantuan crepe was really quite chewy and took some mouth strength (along with a sharp knife) to conquer. As well, I can’t imagine who would eat the half-jar of Nutella that lies inside. 90% of my huge fruit tray was perfectly ripe, with the pear and honeydew sticking out as the most obvious unripe options. Sarah’s father enjoyed his meal omelet concoction, and all of us had fun trying to say the name in different ways. Hurricane did some solid damage on her meal, and made mention that the side of potatoes was way better here than at a recent Blue Plate Diner breakfast.

If anything, this visit confirms that Cora’s has come to mean fresh fruit, artistic looking presentations, and lineups. Which, if they the bad service on this occasion was just a blip, should mean the three additional franchises have a good chance of sharing the wealth. I only hope that an increase this big will not put them out of their zone and have them struggling to maintain the quality and find attentive service staff.

9 thoughts on “Cora Breakfast and Lunch

  1. It just does not grab me.
    There’s one here in Cowtown, not too far from home or office.
    Every time I read a review or Blog Post about it, I realize I am not a fruit in the morning type.

  2. Still have yet to be, but all this chit-chat leads me to believe that it’s Denny’s with fruit – albeit ornate fruit.

  3. Ive not been to a Cora’s in Alberta But I have been to in Ontario. And IT IS NOT Denny’s with Fruit.. Denny’s is freaking nasty..

  4. the fancy fruit is a nice change-up, but the one time I went, the service was horrible and the food was mediocre. Was not impressed at all

    • I agree fojoy. The fruit is a nice change form the bucket-fruit salad that so many places serve you. Unfortunately like your experience, the restaurant did not make the best of this occasion.

  5. I agree about the tiny glasses! Bane of my existence, trying to hydrate and make it through a meal on 8 oz of water. I had a spinach/flax/white cheddar crepe which was pretty delicious, though the name of said dish is escaping me. But you are right, service is subpar and at times, the fruit, though fresh and delightfully void of high fructose corn syrup, borders on unripe. I also tend to think the prices are a bit high for what you get. A bill for two for breakfast was $40+. Hasn’t won a return trip outta me.

  6. I would certainly choose Cora’s over Albert’s. I’ve been twice and haven’t had any issue with the service (though they should probably be clearer about which options cost extra – such as caramelized onions). I wished their pancakes were better.

    • Interestingly enough, I’ve yet to go with someone who orders pancakes. Apparently all my friends are egg eaters in the morning. 🙂 And I agree, Cora’s over Albert’s anyday.

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