A Meal Fit For Rabbit

With Luzzara Coffee Bar a hop and skip from Sarah’s work, its no surprise to find her regular coffee-craving visits have created a deeper relationship with the proprietor. As the coffee excursions slowly built into almost daily visits, I tried to tag along when I was in the area, and saw why Sarah was so enamored with the kind lady serving coffee. The tricky part here, is that with the same name, any story involving both Sarah’s might get a little confusing from the start. So to keep everyone on the same page, and be able to talk about the evening without getting myself confused, I’ll now refer to our dinner host as Miz J.

Miz J was hoping to have us over before Sarah and I left for San Francisco. Not too many days were left available, so we selected last Sunday for our visit and started making plans. I was in charge of the protein, so along with a fresh loaf of sourdough, I grabbed my planned fish, er..make that rabbit,and headed out the door. With Miz J supplying the sides, I started to wonder if my last minute change of meats would throw her plans for a loop.

We showed up to a beautiful little house that was just warming up to some delicious flavours. On the stove was a garlic, oil, and chile mix that would soon be tossed with broccoli and kale. As well, a delicious and slightly crunchy brown rice creation. To start with something light, we enjoyed fresh greens tossed with a nut-oil that let the goat cheese, blueberries, and walnuts shine. While my meat option wasn’t expected, Miz J had a feeling (from reading my tweets) that I might be showing up with rabbit and wasn’t exactly surprised when Sarah and I walked through her door. The meat was juicy, flavourful and subtle enough that once everyone got past the idea of rabbit, quite enjoyed the meat.


One thought on “A Meal Fit For Rabbit

  1. Looks fantastic to me – I am shocked there was negative comments. I thought rabbit was a fairly common meat. It wasn’t in our household, but I have read about it and hear about it for years… then cooked it as I started cooking on my own. I liked it. But, I guess, without that childhood frame of reference – or something like that, didn’t LOVE it. I have enjoyed it, though, a great deal whenever I have had it… which has probably been less than 10 times my entire life. Now, that is a shame!

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