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Beans Restaurant
2002 8 Street
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With all of the San Francisco posts to come, this is going to be one of those short and sweet rundowns. Having worked in Nisku for almost a year now, I’ve often heard stories about Beans Restaurant. The problem with these stories is that it isn’t necessarily about the quality, or freshness of the food, it’s the size of said product. Located just off the main Highway 625 drag, Beans reminds me of Fife N’ Dekel. Part fast food, part sandwich bar; in a town full of hungry oil/gas/construction workers, it’s packed every single day.

The restaurants main obstacle is the island located smack dab in the middle. If there is no queue, you will enter right at the front and face two hanging whiteboards tantalizing you with options. A staff member, often you will find two or three, will walk you through the order from the type of bread to the toppings. I’ve found the staff to be quite short, and at times find very reminiscent of the Soup Nazi. You will need to know what you want, and how you want, or you will get an audible sigh and groan. And don’t laugh at this, as the matriarch of this restaurant is usually sitting but a few feet away and barking orders at the staff over top of the everyday hustle; ” YOU USED TOO MUCH MAYO” While this might not compare to the welding shops and rig sites, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d rather work there; at least you don’t get yelled at in front of the general public.

The options, which include everything from a hot turkey sandwich to tuna salad, are made with seemingly fresh ingredients. You have to expect some things, like most meats being of the deli variety, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the turkey of the fresh roasted variety. You can choose to stay (why would you), but like so many quick meals, it’s better to get out alive. The BLT came just like everyone mentioned; huge. The two slices of bread would easily equal 4 or 5 slices elsewhere. Nothing like a cheap, carb load to make the meal seem AMAZING! The shredded bag lettuce and tomatoes were fresh, while the sandwich was finished with barely cooked bacon. Something that was quite obvious from the queue as the staff could not keep the bacon container full enough during the rush and were serving pieces that had spent nary a minute under the heat.

The hamburger, which was picked out of a steaming pan full of dry, over cooked patties, proved to be no better than the sandwich. The meat had lost any chance of success with it’s stay in the meat sauna, while the generic white bun was like a wingman that never showed up to the bar. The fries, which were soggy and luke warm (also in a steam pan), were smothered in a salty gravy that made it necessary to eat near a tub of potable water. No matter what the local hungry men tell you, unless you want below average food with huge portions of white carbohydrates, I’d do everything to avoid the bad food and borderline rude staff at Beans.


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  1. I found Beans to be a nice cozy diner in an industrial world. What else would you expect from nisku. Everything was made fresh daily and the staff reminded me of friendly family like personality’s. The food was perfect considering the alternatives are fast food and deep fried everything. I plan on going back based on the service food and affordable prices.

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