The Week That Was And Is – September 3rd, 2010

So it’s been a couple of weeks since my last little food update, and so much has happened around town. While I try to conquer more of my San Francisco experiences for you, just know that I’m swamped with my actual job and that means, until I can travel and write about food full time, things may be a bit slower than usual to get out. Upwards and onwards to this weeks notes.

  • The summer season didn’t seem to put a damper on new restaurants in our city! A new Urban Diner location is opening across the street from Da Capo in the old Fiore location. Linda Kearney who is the mind behind the popular Queen of Tarts, at the City Centre Market, plans to open a bakery and cafe in November. Somerville Wine Cheese, at 10723 124th St., will be a new 38 seat venue with wine, cheese, and a variety of nibbles from olives to gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Also, Pacific Buffet Co.will be opening on the south side September 15.
  • After my pleasing experience this year with Silver Hills Bakery, I wanted to let everyone know about their current Mack’s Flax contest – Mack has been a favorite bike rider at Silver Hills for quite a while. But a few months ago a mom named Jenny emailed us and told us that while her family loved Mack’s Flax – they worried that Mack was setting a bad example by not wearing a bike helmet. You know what – we TOTALLY agreed! So we have given Mack a bike helmet so he can ride safely. Now we’re giving away two bike helmets, t-shirts with Mack on them, Mack stickers and bread coupons. Consumers can enter here –
  • Mr. Mikes just wrapped up their 50th Anniversary, Mikeburger Madness, and exceed their goal by reaching $50,887 for local charities across BC and Alberta. With all of their locations, including our local West Edmonton Mall restaurant, participating in a little friendly competition, the Quesnel location came out on top, raising $8,000 for the Crooked Leg Ranch: a rescue, rehabilitation and sanctuary centre for abandoned and abused animals. Nice work!
  • Ever the man about town, Jerry Aulenbach has teamed up with Chef Andrew Cowan of Lux to created our cities very own Bacon Camp meal. Sarah and I were lucky enough to meet up with Jerry recently, and convinced him to ditch the standard bun on his Wendy’s Baconater for two glazed donuts, in turn recreating my very tasty Glazed Bacon Burger (see video below).

  • Thanks to Sarah Jackson at Luzzara, I finally got around to ordering myself a tamping stand. Lord knows how I operated without this tool for so long, as it just makes the at home experience that much better.

  • Finally a Travel Channel update that is definitely more about the shows this week, as a lot happened while I was gone. Camilla Ford is back in Food Wars and has squared off with a Slopper Challenge in Pueblo, and BBQ Challenge in Kansas City. Man V. Food has seen Adam Richman tackle food in Indianapolis (he gives up during a serious food binge) and a bad ass, sweat inducing chicken wing challenge on the Jersey Shore. Finally, Anthony Bourdain has had a couple of amazing weeks, but more importantly, just reached the 100th episode and looked back at his No Reservations career in the latest episode. Nice work Tony; stay angry.

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  1. What do you do with a tamping stand? I am serious. We have a tamper for our espresso machine, but I have never heard of a tamping stand. (blush). Thanks for the shout out about the Slow Food Edmonton Dairy Farm Fieldtrip. Are you two coming?
    Hope so!

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