August Birthday Cakes – Statusfirm

Every month at Sarah’s work, they combine all of the birthdays near the end, and have a giant cake party. With a very talented cake maker on staff, I’ve heard stories, and seen pictures, of what always looks like a good time. What does this have to do with me? Well it just so happens that Sarah volunteered me, I mean us, to take a crack at the birthday tradition.

A little nervous, and not totally sure of what to do, I completely forgot about my duties until coming back from San Francisco and then, luckily enough, still had a day to put it together. After some contemplation, and mindless internet travel, I went back through my bookmarks and settled on something I’ve been meaning to try for some time; Elvis Cake. As well, with Sarah a major fan of white cake, we baked up a vanilla cake with french vanilla icing.

I ended up using two 8 inch pans for the vanilla and a bundt pan for the peanut butter and banana cake. I have to say that baking these bad boys back to back made for an aromatic house. Delivering the goods late into the night for their morning celebration, I was happy to hear the next day that both cakes were a success. Now…if only I could have tracked down a slice.

Happy Birthday Everyone!

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