The Week That Was And Is – September 17th, 2010

So do you have your winter coats ready! While I love the snowy season, I was a little sad to hear parts of the province were already being dotted with the white stuff. On top of that, I have a crazy ear infection that means I can barely hear, and when I talk (which is a lot!) it reminds me of being in an ocean. Lets hope the medicine kicks in soon.

  • I noticed Fatburger is opening it’s second Edmonton (and fifth Alberta) location in City Centre Mall. It always seems steady when I visit the South Common location, so it’s not really a surprise to start seeing a slow expansion (two or three more in the next year). I for one, did not know Fatburger was apart of the Ricky’s All Day Grill group. Learn something new everyday.
  • Culina Highlands posted a picture on twitter of their new dining room, which now has an additional 12 seats. Always nice to have a few more tops in our city’s tiny restaurants.
  • Sandra, who I first met earlier in the year during a fun photo shoot, is planning a dinner at the Mustard Seed for about 600 people next week. Her planned menu includes Shepard’s Pie, Apple Crumble, and Coleslaw. It sounds like quite the endeavor, and if you can help provide any ingredients, or some manual labour, be sure to let her know.
  • The Celiac Husband posted that GF Patisserie is now training a new crop of gluten free bakers. With a franchise opening soon in Newfoundland, and then in Las Vegas, a big congratulations goes out on their successes; it’s well deserved. *EDIT* The above locations are more like licensee’s than franchisee’s.
  • If you don’t follow Kelly, Crazy White Girl With A Kitchen, you should be. Having now moved to Japan, her blog posts are still entertaining and give us a slice of life on the tiny island.
  • If you like macarons, I’d suggest checking out Valerie’s quest to make these delicate treats. A few years of dedication and I think she finally has it down
  • I finally put myself back on the bread wagon. Between the San Francisco trip and work, I’ve had precious little time to maintain my daily carb bake-off. These were two standard white breads using buttermilk instead of water.

  • Sarah and I took a run out to Sunflower Gardens and came home with a box of goodness. Beets, beans, squash, zucchini, carrots, potatoes. Fresh vegetable goodness!

Which reminds me, I think I should go harvest some of my own vegetables! Stay warm everyone, and enjoy the brisk autumn air.

3 thoughts on “The Week That Was And Is – September 17th, 2010

  1. I finally got into the Elm Cafe and was terribly disappointed.
    I tried the hot sammich of the day, which was beets, yams, arugula and lemon goat cheese. Sounded delicious. Unfortunately it was just very dry. The beets were good, but there was absolutely no cheese to speak of. For $8, it was a real letdown.

  2. Thought about you yesterday, when I heard someone talk about the donut burger: two glazed donuts with a beef patty in the middle… Have you tried that? Seems like it’s the new fashionable thing to eat in the US! (Yuck!!!!)

  3. Chris, just catching up again… Look at all I have missed (getting my short goat cheese tasting post up). Wish you would have come with us yesterday on the Dairy Farm Fieldtrip. I will do it again – but it surpassed my expectation by far. Anyway – your bread here looks deadly – and I cannot wait to read your banana bread trio. GORGEOUS PHOTO! Thank you for the shout out, and I appreciate the information… I sure do not have my finger on the pulse of any of these happenings, and really appreciate knowing about them. Cannot wait to read about the shaggy parasols. I am SOOOOO jealous!

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