Roasted Vegetables With Shoulder Bacon

Sarah called to announce, ‘I’m coming over in an hour…and I might just be hungry’. Hanging up the phone, I looked around and found myself relaxing in a post-work mind set. Yep, that’s right; feet up, shirt unbuttoned, thinking about bread. Knowing I had some time to prepare for the food expectations that were sure to come, I started rummaging through the fridge. Finding an assortment of vegetables, along with a nice package of thick cut double smoked shoulder bacon, I set to work.

With a loaf pan already sitting on the counter (I told you I was thinking about bread), and my oven sitting at 375 degrees, I started prepping vegetables. I was lucky to have an assortment of vegetables at hand, including zucchini, tomato, green pepper and Chinese eggplant. Starting with a thick layer of shoulder bacon, I layered the vegetables with oregano, basil, parsley and olive oil. I put the pan into the oven for just over an hour, with the last 20 minutes covered by aluminum foil. What I pulled out tasted as good as it looked. The massive layer of vegetables roasted down to a pile of awesomeness, which was only topped by the layer of pork below. Awesome meal made – check. Great smelling homestead – check. Happy lady – double check.

One thought on “Roasted Vegetables With Shoulder Bacon

  1. This a wonderful post-work meal that you whipped up. Thanks for sharing.

    I am a regular visitor at the Canadian Foodie and wanted to drop in and say hello to you. Glad I did.

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