Mill Woods Farmer’s Market – Edmonton, Alberta

Going through some pictures this past weekend, I realized I forgot all about a trip Sarah and I took to the Mill Woods Farmer’s Market. Operating on Thursday evenings, in the parking lot of Mill Woods Recreation Centre (28th Ave & Millwoods Road), I’ll be honest and say that I don’t make it down as much as I’d like. Not the biggest, nor the prettiest, of our growing markets, this vegetable heavy market has been around since 1985.

Sarah and I stopped in just after we returned from San Francisco, which may part of the reason I felt so let down. The mix of booths and random, often sparsely populated tables left me a little depressed after the cornucopia and 100-mile diet friendly options down south. Yes, I know we have our own proud aspects, but sometimes the grass can seem greener.

With only two rows of producers and sellers, the entire market took 15-20 minutes to conquer. We perused some produce, and contemplated a visit to Eva Sweets. The best part of the visit may have been the glorious raspberries as we grab a few containers and sat in a near by park enjoying the sun. There is nothing like fresh fruit in the summer!

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