Childhood Pizza Memories – Pizza Hut

After my family made its first, of two moves to Edmonton in the early 80’s, Pizza Hut somehow became part of our core culture. From birthdays to soccer parties and everything in between. And while Pizza Hut has expanded, offering everything from whole wheat to thin crust options, my father has not. Which means when I get together with him for pizza, it’s nothing but the Original Pan Pizza.

The Hawaiian Ham, pineapple and loaded with extra 100% Pizza Mozzarella – is something my father has to have, and was combined with the Chicken Lover`s DeluxeSlices of tender oven-grilled chicken breast, crisp green peppers, red onions, sliced mushrooms and 100% Pizza Mozzarella. There is something about the look and smell of Pizza Hut that brings me back. Maybe it’s the box, or maybe it’s the smell, or maybe it’s the grease that is left on the bottom.

Chicken Lover`s Deluxe

Hawaiian Pan Pizza

In reality both pizzas suffered from one major flaw; a lack of meat. With ham listed first in the Hawaiian, I couldn’t help think it should have been last. The Chicken Lover’s wasn’t much better, with slices the completely wrong term; they should have said cubes. Both pizzas were cheesy, greasy and classic Hut. Which I suppose after all these years is a good thing for those who like it.With so many delicious, fresh choices out there (Famoso anyone), I don’t see any reason to make Pizza Hut a habit, and will stick to these random, and now spotty reunions, with this childhood product.

Pizza Hut (Mill Woods)
6504 28 Ave NW
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3 thoughts on “Childhood Pizza Memories – Pizza Hut

  1. Pizza Hut brings back childhood memories for me too. It always reminds me of my Grandma. When she needed a break from cooking, I’d pick up the phone and order Pizza Hut for her and I. Then we’d enjoy it watching WWF lol! She was the only Chinese grandma I knew who loved pizza and cheering on Mr. Hulk Hogan. Haha. Thank you for this post 😀

  2. Back when I was living in Panama, pizza was one of those things that, no matter how bad, I would still like it. That was because: (a) there weren’t pizza by the slice joints and (b) there were only that many Italian restaurants (and most of them were “fancy”). Enter Domino’s, Pizza Hut and similar “cheaper” restaurants. Along with some friends, we ended up gorging slice after slice of fat ladden cooked pieces of dough. Looking back, it was certainly gross but, at the same time, it was an experience of its own. So, thanks for this post! 😀

    Silly note: My favourite back then: tuna (usually canned) + mushroom plus + extra cheese. This combination freaked a lot of people out!

  3. Lequan – It’s great when we find foods that bring back memories. I could only imagine how awesome a pizza eating, Hulk Hogan supporting grandma would be!!

    Kim – Thanks! I’m almost tempted to recreate your favourite. On some homemade dough of course!

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