Run For The Cure – Edmonton, Alberta

Because it is important. Because I lost my mom. Because we need to find a cure.


6 thoughts on “Run For The Cure – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. Chris! I did not know you lost your mom to cancer. When, and how? I am so sorry for you. I have volunteered there every year but this one. I just didn’t get organized, and they have a new chair and committee now – but, I will be back. I also do the MS run/walk… one of my gal friend’s daughter has been stricken at 19 with that. Beautiful video. We always give to the Alberta Cancer Society.

  2. Chris, I didn’t know that either. Cancer is absolutely horrible. Someone close to me found out she had another form very recently. That’s great that you guys are involved and raised so much though. You all should be proud.

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