The Week That Was And Is – October 8th, 2010

I’m a big fan of advance polling, so I just wanted to remind all of my Edmonton readers that one voting station will be open in each ward on Saturday, October 9 (that’s tomorrow) and Saturday, October 16. Voting stations will be open from 9am-4pm. For more information, along with a complete list of candidates, swing by the Edmonton Elections website. Then again, I hope you were able to get our to one of your local ward forums to discover something for yourself. Enough politics, now we talk food!

  • I’ve mentioned before that Urban Diner was coming south of the river and taking over the vacated Fiore space, and now we have our first peek courtesy of Adam Rozenhart. I love looking inside restaurants before they open.
  • I gotta say, this Rexall Place Food Finder is awesome. And very timely with the hockey season beginning yesterday.
  • I received an email this week from Olivado, which seems has its Canadian focus on Winnipeg. In a world of oil options, from hemp to flax, I’m definitely interested to see what avocado oil is like to work with.
  • The KFC Double Down is here!!! OK, well not yet, but you can get your hands on this infamous meat sandwich on October 18th, when it finally comes north of the border.
  • I love that the UofA is promoting Sustainability Awareness Week (Oct 18-23). Key events include a daily local themed menu at Home Zone in CAB Café (11AM – 1Pm), an Elk Buger BBQ on Wednesday in the Quad (11AM-1PM), Local Food Buffet at Lister Hall on Wednesday (4-8PM),  and a Farmer’s Mini Market on Friday at Dinwoodie Lounge  (10AM-3PM).
  • With Habesha and Langano Skies already promoting their Ethiopian goodies online, Rendez Vous joined the competition this week…even if they spell their name differently in the title page (randezvous).
  • This collection of geek food items is awesome.
  • Nothing says a quick and delicious snack like meat and cheese. It doesn’t hurt when the meat (cardamom salami) comes from O’Sol Meatos and the cheese (St. Maure) comes from Smoky Valley Goat Cheese.


Cheese & Meat!


  • I’ve been wondering about Bubba’s BBQ and Smokehouse for some time now. I even thought about posting here earlier in the year, but after never seeing it in operation I assumed it was just a random trailer. Looks like I was wrong. Making its way into Wednesday’s Edmonton Journal Bistro, it seems the problem with Bubba’s is that it is open for a very tiny window each day. I brought this up to my father who stopped by yesterday and found them sold out just after 12. This could be a case of too many curious minds (from the article) and too small of a space. I’ll try my best to give you a snap shot soon.

  • Even though we’ve had a nice wave of warm sun as of late, a bowl of war wonton always hits the spot (from Tin Tin Restaurant).

  • I think I’ve had just about every Innis & Gunn cask aged beer to date, and while I don’t stay up-to-date, I couldn’t help notice this latest 49 day aged version.

  • My Travel Channel updates have been few and far between lately. Some reason life without No Reservations seems a little boring. At the very least, Adam Richman has been taking on some hilarious food challenges as of late. Including a recent trip to Des Moines and the Adam Emmenecker Challenge, which includes a huge sandwich of pork tenderloin, bacon cheeseburger, beef brisket, fried cheddar cheese and buffalo chicken tenders, all covered in cheese sauce that needs to be eaten in under 15 minutes. Camille Ford was in New Jersey this week, to watch an Italian Hot Dog war between Jimmy Buff’s vs. Charlie’s “Famous” Italian Hot Dog. After 16 or so episodes now, I find the format a little monotonous, as the competitions are a little over the top.

5 thoughts on “The Week That Was And Is – October 8th, 2010

  1. KDF double down, huahahahahaha!!!!!

    That wonton soup looks strange but, hey, if it hits the spot, I think that is what matters the most! 🙂

  2. A bit late, since they are officially available tomorrow, but the KFC on 97 Street, north of 137 Avenue (can’t remember the exactly avenue, but near the Canadian Tire) has been selling Double Downs since at least last Saturday. 🙂

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