O Sol’ Meatos Stuffed Cabbage

After Sarah and I loaded up at the downtown farmer’s market yesterday, we started to ponder what to do with a few of our goodies. Knowing we had a package of O Sol’ Meatos fresh chorizo in the bag, I started spitting out ideas. Originally thinking about a gourmet sloppy joe, Sarah threw a cog in the equation when she suggested steamed cabbage for our side. Why not stuffed cabbage I thought!

I cored a big ol’ head of green cabbage and put it over water to steam. Ripping open the package of meat, the coarsely ground meat slid out of the casing and into the pan with ease. I started cooking the chorizo before adding in a thick tomato base (including basil, onion, garlic, salt & pepper). As my cabbage cooled slightly, I let the meat bubble away a bit longer to absorb all the goodness. Eventually it was a simple matter of dumping a scoop of meat sauce into the big leaves before folding and sealing with a toothpick.

After a half hour or so in the oven, I pulled out the perfect lunch. Soft steamed cabbage that gave way to a delicious meat filling. The chorizo was very tasty, but we both found the occasional slap in the face with a distinct licorice bomb, anise…maybe fennel, either way a few bites were quite strong. The tomato and basil worked wonderfully and added a nice acidic tinge. Easy. Simple. Damn Delicious! We ate the entire package of meat in one sitting.

3 thoughts on “O Sol’ Meatos Stuffed Cabbage

  1. Great idea… and for lunch yet! Glad you didn’t add the traditional rice… as it may have toned the meatiness down too much. I am sure it was fennel. I love fennel in sausages – love the strong hits. Vanja detests it. Good thing we don’t buy sausage for me! Why do I almost always miss you at the market. I was there from 10 to 11:30 yesterday. Usually I am there at 9… but, then again, the two weeks prior, I was there at noon, so nothing is too usual, I guess. Next year, I would love for we local bloggers to think of having a “bloggers and food lovers” table once a month to sell what we cook… and have profits (after expenses) go to the food bank. I think that would be wild. Whoever commits to that specific month makes whatever is agreed upon ahead of time…. posts the recipe (if they are a blogger), or has it on hand, if not, and then sell away until sold out. We could have 8-10 or even more at a booth. Some mornings only , some afternoons. Ok, enough. Anyone reading this comment, think about it. You heard it here, first.

  2. Wonderful pics! Sounds like a wonderful lunch. I just plucked a cabbage from the garden – it doesnt look like it froze so i’ll see if i can do something with it – i really love cabbage with a bit of butter and onions, splash of vinegar, splash of whipping cream, green onions and dill all fried up. Mmmmmm. We were just in San Fran and visited the American Culinary Institute. There I bought a book on “savoury baking from the Mediterranean”. I am going to try to make a “Greek Meat Pie from Kefalonia” for tonight – hope i still have enuf time as i have to make a crust (ashamed to say i have never done that before). I love the idea of cinnamon with feta and beef. Maybe i’ll just fry the cabbage as a side dish…
    I agree with the liquorice flavour -our Charcutiere uses fennel in a lot of our sausages. And it does pack a punch in some bite. I think that maybe the next batch we get done I think it should be omitted and maybe a bit more of the chipotle, red pepper, paprika and spices be upped a bit. Do you think it should be hotter? Please! give critical feedback – What would you like to see more of in the chorizo?

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