Last Day Of Market

Saturday was the last day for our wonderful downtown farmers market. Maye it’s a case of, time flies, but it really doesn’t seem like it has been that long since opening weekend back in May. It’s been a good year for me and the market, as I’ve made more trips down this season than ever before. From the Credo Coffee that starts my walk, to discovering Smoky Valley Goat Cheese, I’ve been consuming some darn good treats this year.

With no need to prepare a Thanksgiving supper this year, my final walk through was more sightseeing than buying. However, that didn’t stop me from picking up a few different meats from O Sol’ Meatos (I can’t wait to visit them) as well as more cheese from Smoky Valley. Meat, Cheese, and homemade bread. I wonder if I need anything else. Speaking of bread, I finally had a chance to meet Owen from Prairie Mill Bread Co. and I have to say he was a delight to talk with.


More Cheese!



Love The Big Additions.



Prairie Mill Bread Co.


It’s been a wonderful year, and I’m already looking forward to next. Thanks City Market!

One thought on “Last Day Of Market

  1. Yes – I had super culture shock when I entered Superstore for the first time in months to by some cleaning supplies. I will miss the market. FOR SURE. Thank goodness for OSFM!
    Can I ask you to chime in on two of my posts, Chris? I wrote about turkey dressing and cranberry sauce and if you make either, or have, I would love to know how your traditional version differs from mine.

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