A Steak Dinner

I think it’s safe to say that every so often it’s possible to have a love affair with steak. I’m not talking about the burnt t-bone that you had to salvage from dinosaur-sized flames your wobbly pop drinking uncle produced during the last family reunion. I’m thinking of a perfectly rested chunk of marbled beef that is wrapped in a delicious golden brown, salt sprinkled crust. Something you can slice with the greatest of ease, while having the globes of fat dissolve into a pool of juice in your mouth. Yeah. That’s a steak dinner. Top it with caramelized onions that have been cooked down over low heat for a half hour with lemon juice and chili powder, and day old  potatoes that have been sliced and fried in the glorious beef fat that rendered out. Drool…


5 thoughts on “A Steak Dinner

  1. Chris, this is the fundamental truth about a glorious steak. I appreciate your passion and acknowledgement of simplistic treasures like a juicy steak!

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