The Week That Was And Is – October 15th, 2010

Quick and to the point today, as I’ve been busier than normal this week and my workload hasn’t been blog-friendly. I noticed Nate Box over at Elm Cafe posted a question to the masses this week; Do diners/patrons need/want to see farm/producer names on menus? I’m curious to read any results here, as I’m sort of a fence sitter on the topic, because I find myself inquiring a lot more than before if I don’t see the names on the menu. Translation; some days I’m interested and some days I just want to eat.

  • Local man-around-town, Jerry Aulenbach, has finalized his burger creation for Delux Burger Bar’s November Celebrity of the Month. For  just $11 you get his Double bacon Four Square Burger; Diamond Willow 100% organic beef, grilled pineapple rings, Irving’s Farm smoked bacon, melted jalapeño havarti cheese, fresh red onion rings, lettuce and mayo on a ciabatta bun. I hear Jerry recommends you try it with Bacon hot sauce.
  • I’m always curious about restaurants that people pine for, so as someone who didn’t spend a lot of time at Bistro Praha, it will be interesting to see if it’s as grrrrreat as everyone has proclaimed. It looks like we’ll see a December 5th opening, in the Empire Building (Jasper Avenue and 101st Street).
  • Never one to lead you down the wrong path,  I think it’s safe to say that I’m more of a pizza guy than a calzone guy. In saying that, as long as the newly opened Battistas Calzone Company gives us a solid product, I may have to make the drive down to 118th Ave and 84th Street a little more often. If you stop in, let me know. They are also on twitter.
  • Staying with restaurant openings, it looks like two new Cora Restaurants are finally set to open  October 18th will see the location at 12520-137 Ave open, and a week later on October 25, we’ll welcome the third location at  9977-178 St.
  • My favourite gluten free bakery, GF Patisserie, is up for sale. Lucky for you, if you decide to move on this offer you have the joy of waking up in beautiful Cochrane, Alberta everyday. If you are interested, please drop Victoria an email:
  • Liane mentioned that, “Patti Milligan, a.k.a. Lola Canola, is pretty sweet, and not just because of her honey. Now she’s helping to host a cosy chat with nature writer Candace Savage, author of Bees: Nature’s Little Wonders. The afternoon event, from 3 to 5 p.m., features honey-based snacks and all profits from the $30 tickets go to the Canadian Bee Research Fund.
  • Arvind Sawhney, the man behind Whyte Ave’s Origin India, is hosting a five-course Indian banquet at the restaurant on Tuesday, October 19th. The event starts at 7 p.m., and tickets are $60, which includes tip.

Enjoy the weekend everyone! I hope it’s full of good eats.

2 thoughts on “The Week That Was And Is – October 15th, 2010

  1. Oh the place names. I’m on the fence also. Sometimes I feel like we want the names so we can say that we ate a ‘local’ chicken or a ‘local’ carrot from a certain farmer. I guess it feels a bit like name dropping in certain contexts. And while I think many restaurants are genuinely interested in food system issues and alternatives, putting place names on menus can simply be a marketing tool with little to nothing behind it. Although I’m sure it could also be argued that having producers names out there is generally a good thing either way, especially when they are from the GEA. Again, on the fence stuck in a continuous cycle on this one.

    Hopefully putting the producers’ names on menus will encourage us patrons to look into why the names are there in the first place (ie. What is it about our dominant food system that has caused the names to be listed?).

    Thanks for forwarding the question, Chris. Love the weekly updates.

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