A Wedding Meal At The Golden Rice Bowl

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When Kendall and Michelle tied the knot earlier this year, Sarah and I were not able to make the journey. The reason, it was across the pond. Not exactly, a weekend friendly trip if you know what I mean. And as much as Sarah knew it wasn’t feasible, I could see in her face that she was bummed to be missing this event. Lucky for Sarah, and everyone who’s still back here, Kendall and Michelle to decided to throw a party once they could make it to Canada.

Table Decorations

My excitement hit another level when I found out we were heading to Golden Rice Bowl for the wedding meal. After all, a celebratory 10 course meal is no average midweek take-out. A small section of the restaurant was set aside, and with a seemingly full house around us, I’m glad the Golden Rice Bowl offers space for special events. They even have a section of movable walls that closed off the space, making it actually feel quite intimate. With our tables set and wedding gifts laid out; hats for the men, fans for the ladies. All we had to do was mingle and wait.

Dish 1 - Ham, Beef, Chicken, Jelly Fish, Surf Clam

Dish 2 - Beef and Cashews

Dish 3 - Prawns with Peaches & Mayo

Dish 4 - Crab and Fish Maw Soup

Dish 5 - Lobster & Noodles

I hate to write rather basic descriptions for the supper, but I’m at a loss for the dishes actual names as I never saw a menu. Any help, or if I’m out to lunch, just let me know. Dish one was what I’d consider the cold cut platter, as it included slices of ham, beef, chopped chicken, surf clam, and jelly fish. All the items had their points of notice, with the surf clam being my favourite and the beef, which I found quite fatty, my least.  Dish two was beef and cashews. The beef was tender, moist and left many, including myself at one point, wondering if this was actually pork. I’m told by fellow blogger and wedding guest, the fried greens were gai lan leaves. Dish three was the classic prawns with peaches and mayo. Not my favourite dish, I was happy to find the shrimp cooked well and the shrimp didn’t arrive with a thick layer of batter. Dish 4 was our soup course, and I though it was pretty good. As someone who rarely adds in red vinegar, I wonder what the norm is? There seemed to be a good portion of 1/2  full bowls placed back on the lazy susan, so I’m not sure it was a hit. Dish five was lobster on noodles, in a cream sauce. You might not believe this, but no one fought me for the lobster heads..in fact, I didn’t have to fight anyone for anything; even taking home an entire lobster worth of leftovers!

Dish 6 - Steamed Tilapia

Dish 7 - Chicken

Dish 8 - Mixed Mushrooms, Abalone, & Lettuce

Dish 9 - Wheat Noodles & Mushrooms

Dish 10 - Red Bean Soup

Dish six was fish, steamed whole and served with garlic, soy sauce and oil. I’m told it was tilapia, but for some reason I had my doubts. Regardless, it was really good! Being a lighter dish, I was surprised to see it looked over by almost ever diner at our table. Dish seven proved to be a big hit, and how could it not. BBQ chicken is hard to turn down, no matter who you are. I was too busy eating seafood at this point, but I found the few pieces of chicken I did have. to be quite good. Dish eight was mixed mushrooms on lettuce, with abalone. Hard to describe the dish, I liked the earthy feel and warm lettuce. Dish nine was mushrooms with wheat noodles. In all honesty, I was still chowing down on my cornucopia of seafood, so I have no recollection of my sampling. Sarah said it was quite good. Finally, dish 10, which ended up being red bean soup. Another miss if you looked at what was left on the table, but I devoured my bowl so fast that a fellow diner asked if I was a professional eater! What a meal.

The Happy Family

Congratulations Kendall & Michelle. I wish you all the best and thank you for the party. Have a safe trip back.

8 thoughts on “A Wedding Meal At The Golden Rice Bowl

  1. Did you taste an abalone? That is a specialty and actually an endangered species, I think. What a feast. Anyone invited to a Chinese wedding is a very lucky person as their feasts and celebrations are so generous and so warm. Always.
    Lucky you and Sarah!

  2. Gary and I had our wedding at the Golden Rice Bowl (before they had new ownership) as well. This was very reminiscent of our wedding meal. The surf clams are my fave as well. I put red vinegar in the fish maw soup to help take away the fishiness. I’m not a huge fan of the fish maw though, something that definitely takes getting used to. Next time if you have fish maw soup or shark’s fin soup, I highly recommend putting in a few drops of cognac as well. My dad taught me that to take away the fishiness as well. Looks like another great meal at the Golden Rice Bowl. Congrats to your friends!

  3. I’m horrified that so many dishes went unfinished!! 🙂 … and the fish looks like tilapia to me… and there is no “norm” when it comes to fish maw soup – whatever you like… I’m not a fan of the red vinegar, so I just douse my soup with chili sauce…

    Seriously, from the looks of things, that was about as authentic as it gets – and the way that it *should* be…

    *start rant*

    I was actually kinda ticked at my dad last year when he organized his wedding banquet and “dumbed it down” because there were going to be so many caucasian people attending. I’m sorry, but you do *not* dumb down a Chinese banquet!! Sacrilege!!

    *end rant*

    Okay, done now… 🙂

  4. I will have to admit it looks decent in its own ways, though odd in others. For instance, beef and cashew?! As for vinegar in soups (specially in dishes like hot and sour soups), it is sort of an acquired taste: if you like that strong taste, you can leave it as is, else, you add as much as you think it is needed. At least they made a conscious effort not to have shark’s fin soup…

    Out of curiosity, can I ask, in general, who were there with you on the table? Not specific names, of course. It just that it reminds me of some running jokes I have with some fellow bloggers and/or friends. For example, when I go out for dinner with a family friend (Chinese born) and his in-laws (all of them CBC) and crab is ordered, my friend and I are usually the ones who get the shell (for the hepatopancreas) because nobody else wants it! (And with apologies to everybody here…) Likewise, there is the running joke about the diners in a Thanksgiving meal: if dark meat is mostly gone while white meat is still there, it means most of them were Asians! Of course, that is a bit of stereotyping but I can’t really help it!

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