Halloween Taco Party

When Miz J invited Sarah and I over for a little Halloween candy give away, it instantly became something more. How about supper? How how some scary movies? All questions that needed to be answered. Good thing everyone was in the spooky spirit, as we soon had a line up movies and I volunteered a few meal ideas that were rolling around.

Knowing that I had some moose meat in my freezer (thank you Kevin Kossowan), I thawed the hunk of roast before giving it a liberal bourbon and chili style rub. As it sat for two days absorbing all that goodness, I started to concoct a plan. Tacos. Who doesn’t love tacos! Plus eating tacos would make for easy candy delivery right. It’s not like you can’t scarf it down, rush to the door and start all over again. On top of the moose, I rubbed a turkey breast down with chili powder incase the moose wasn’t for everyone.

The moose spent the afternoon in the slow cooker, while I pan-fried the giant boob before eating. I also took the time to roast down tomatoes, red peppers, jalapenos, and onions for a little salsa. The charing was easy as I put everything on a cookie sheet under the broiler, and then into a paper bag to cool. To accompany my home-made goodies, I picked up two salsas, a tomatillo and a spicy tomato, as well as a fresh chunk of queso fresco and proper white corn tortillas from Tienda Latina on Argyll.

With our movies playing, and the lights down low, we indulged in our taco party. The moose was good, although a little sweet after working it into a whiskey, apple and onion mixture. Not tough at all, it was a nice experiment. The turkey was probably the biggest hit though, as it was super moist and alive with spice. The queso had a great hint of saltiness, and combined perfectly with any of three salsa. Too bad we only saw 12 kids.

Can anyone name the movie?

4 thoughts on “Halloween Taco Party

  1. This was a great way to spend Halloween. Great food, friends and candy, the ingredients for any great holiday (Yes, halloween is now a holiday in my mind:o) ). I loved the moose, the sweetness contrasted nicely with the spice. Delightful.
    Ps. i love hosting a dinner party where the food comes with the guests.

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