Statusfirm Does The Double Down

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Yesterday, Sarah called me to say that it was officially becoming Double Down Wednesday at work. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll instantly know what this means; Meat Sandwich! Finally making the journey north of the border back in October, Sarah and I haven’t actually made the time to indulge in this meatwich. And really, who figured it would have happened without me. That’s right. This experience is all Sarah.

Heading over with 5 other coworkers (originally it was 9), the Statusfirmers were on a Double Down mission. The nearest location, just off of Whyte, was all but empty when they arrived. With everyone ordering the same thing, minus an additional order of popcorn chicken from HeatHeat, Sarah found it strange that the first order was ready to go right away while the rest of the groups were made to order.

Unveiling their meaty sandwiches, everyone got busy. The chicken was moist, a little greasy, and very reminiscent of straight up KFC chicken. The cheese was melted nicely (they had to take pictures you know!) but lacked any bite from the advertised Monterey and Jack profiles. The Colonel’s sauce, in Sarah’s words, just seemed like mayo.

So where did this leave everyone. The group agreed that it was tasty, but started to come up with ways to make it better. Starting with less sauce, it then became less sauce and one slice of cheese, and finally maybe just chicken. Some complained about being hungry after, whiles others soon found what I consider the the two biggest Double Down dangers*; first the thirst, and then the need for a sleep.

*I did create my own version, and one that was very similar back in May. Have a peek.

5 thoughts on “Statusfirm Does The Double Down

  1. (Bow to Sarah for doing this!!!!)

    I noticed something wasn’t mentioned in this post but was agreed by most people in the Vancouver area: it was really salty. Could it be Edmonton’s version is different? Or it is the tolerance? Or simply it has been “fixed”? (About the later… Nah…)

    • Good question on the salt! No one really mentioned it being to salty. We all knew that the sodium content was off the charts so maybe we just expected some saltiness. Regardless on the taste, my body was well aware of the sodium overload and I drank MANY cups of water after!

    • What Natalie said. Very brave. The KFC a block away wafts their scent up and down the street. They used to (20 years ago) be pretty good. What they are doing now is kind of sad.

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