Everything Cheese – Edmonton, Alberta

Everything Cheese
14912 45th Ave

Man can not live by bread alone. At least that’s how one story goes. So while I was out chatting with Owen at Prairie Mill Bread Co., I figured it would be an opportune time to swing by newly opened Everything Cheese. Situated in Ramsey Heights, on Edmonton’s southwest side, you can approach the store from the south (40th ave) or the north (53rd ave). Seeing as I was heading over from Magrath, I followed along 23rd ave as it turned into Riverbend Road and eventually brought me to my destination.

Walking into the strip mall space, I was almost speechless. From what Google Maps could show me, this would appear to have been a tanning salon at one point. Now however, the room is a rich mix of colours warmed by wood and topped off by the gorgeous glass cheese display that shines like a star from the center. Welcomed by Tania Hrebicek, I soon found myself immersed in cheese talk. In between customers, I discovered what I could about both their cheese philosophy and what they hope to bring to Edmonton. I came away impressed, not just by their huge selection, but also the serious dedication to fine cheese.


With Tania offering samples of her dairy treats, you had to know I couldn’t leave without one…or three in my case; Chevre Noir, Valencay and Red Leicester. The chevre was a treat for Owen, so I’ll wait to hear his thoughts before I add some notes. The Valencay was wrapped in a gorgeous ash coat and sliced away to a perfect soft interior. Not gooey at all, just soft. The taste was definitely goat, and not for those intimidated by non-cow cheeses. The Red Leicester, besides having a gorgeous orange-red hue, was divine. Meaty, creamy, and slightly crumbly, this was reminded me of cheddar cheese, only way better.

If you are a fan of cheese, and really who isn’t, I suggest you make the trek out to Everything Cheese. Tania and Lydia have created a room that may be worth the visit alone, but it’s their combined love of cheese that will keep you coming back for more and more.

12 thoughts on “Everything Cheese – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. Yup, you are right, man can not live by bread alone. That’s why we have bacon!!!! 😀

    I might be the odd exception: while I will eat cheese and cook with cheese, I am not necessarily crazy about cheese. It might be a Chinese thing, though.

  2. I am eager to go. Lovely review, Chris! How are they with local cheeses. I hear, good – guess I will find out. Are they eager to give samples (little tastes) as you talk. I love that about all of the European Markets and Janice Beaton’s in Calgary. I taste, I buy. It is that simple. I am a cheese fanatic. I went to an incredible wine and cheese tasting at Christmas in November, yet to be posted with some wonderful Canadian Cheeses. I can’t wait to get over to this place. We are hoping they might help us with our lunch for that other endeavour… as they are new… and, I have heard, carry local!

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  4. What the what?!?! How have I not heard of this place (maybe because it is like 40 km away from my house and I never leave said house anymore – sob)? I will have to check it out next time I take a trip south.

    • Good to hear from you Court! There’s always Paddy’s if you want something a tad closer, but it’s worth the trek to this little shop in my opinion.

      • Ah ha, I looked into it a bit more and the owner is a friend of a girl in my book club (since I grew up on the south side and everyone I know still is over there). Maybe I need to schedule a cheese and Ikea day.

  5. Chris — thank you for the lovely review, and the photos are awesome! Not only for this piece, but throughout your blog. They are really great. Do you do any professional photography other than for your blog?

    p.s. I think you meant me, but you wrote “Linda” in the article.

    • Opps! My mistake Tania, I will change that in the post. Must have got mixed my thoughts mixed up with all the cheese on my brain. Thank you for creating such a fantastic store and for stopping by.

      I don’t actively pursue any other photography, but have worked on a few projects as I’ve become more comfortable behind the lens. It’s always nice to hear compliments, so thank you for your kind words.

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