Bubba’s BBQ & Smoke House

Bubba’s BBQ & Smoke House
8525 Davies Road
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Located on Edmonton’s south side in the sparsely populated Triton warehouse parking lot, you’ll find a non-descript trailer. In fact, as you head north or south down Davies Road, you’d be hard pressed to think it’s anything more than a storage container. However, if you are lucky enough to be stuck at the intersection near by, you may just get a glimpse of the wooden steps that lead you to the truth. See, locked inside of that mobile trailer is a smokehouse unlike any other around here. Real. Slow. BBQ.

Each day from 11:30Am until the food has disappeared, Rand Petersen (see above) or more appropriately, Bubba, is serving some sort of BBQ. Just one item though, so don’t go in thinking you have a menu to choose from. Ranging from pulled pork to brisket, pulled beef to ribs, you’ll only find the classics here at Bubba’s. Having attempted a few other visits after the now infamous Edmonton Journal article that created lineups around the corner, I finally saw my chance on Monday when the queue was only 10 people deep. Wait, did I mention I was 30 minutes early.

The choice of the day was chicken. I had to cringe when I saw Rand burn himself trying to get the chicken from the racks, as I can only imagine the little birds are considerably more work than a few giant pork shoulders. Paying my $22 bill, I pulled two styrofoam containers off the counter and made a beeline for the car. Discovering three gorgeously coloured pieces of dark meat, along with almost 2 cups of potato salad (no other option was available), I sat back to enjoy. The chicken was moist, tender, and..well, just damn good. Can that be scientific enough for everyone? The smoke didn’t create a ring like you might find in brisket, but the flavour was unreal. Messy. Juicy. Meaty! The potato salad was good, with a nice mustard profile and a mix of perfectly cooked potatoes. The pickle…well that just finished off the amazing road side meal.

Instead of trying to rush down during the work day, I suggest you take the day off of work, line up early, and spend the rest of the afternoon liking what I think is Edmonton’s best bbq off of your fingers.

8 thoughts on “Bubba’s BBQ & Smoke House

  1. Smoking chicken will just turn it pink all over instead of making a ring. Most people freak out when they see the pink and immediately have start sweating about salmonella.

    Does he brine the chicken?

    Now I want bbq. 😦

  2. I truly believe this WOULD be worth a day off work. Glad you enjoyed it so much now strategically you will have to make it for all the other days of the week and all of the other meats he does.

  3. Kelly – Yeah, I suppose the pink hue could throw some people off…but then they’d realize it’s BBQ!!! I don’t know if he brines the chicken. If I ever get back for chicken I’ll ask.

    Laurel – I would love to get each day under my wing..but that would be a lot of vacation days.

    • Or pretend dental appointments oops do I have meat in my teeth how could that happen must be the floss they are using

  4. The colour on that looks awesome! I find that BBQ Chicken is one of the most difficult things to do properly. Combining good colour, flavour and still being moist. I still haven’t found any BBQ chicken here that has accomplished all 3! Does that mean I have to return to Edmonton again? For BBQ chicken?

    • Sherman, you flew to San Francisco for In-N-Out, why not to Edmonton for some chicken? 🙂

      Chris, out of curiosity, how big was that slab of meat? It looks really good; however, depending on the amount of food provided, it could swing any way in terms of cost/value ratio… :/

  5. Sherman – I agree..if you are flying to San Fran for a burger, just head here for some Que. We can hit an Oiler game and then late night eats, so you feel right at home.

    Kim – There were 3 pieces of chicken and I think each piece was reasonably sized. As big as my palm maybe. When I mention the price to people, they do seem a bit shocked so the cost/value ratio might be on the higher side. You can throw in a can of pop (Pepsi only) for $1 if I remember correctly.

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