Double Greeting Wonton House – Edmonton, Alberta

Double Greeting Wonton House
10212 96 St NW
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This dining adventure was made up of three parts. Part search for a dive, part closed restaurant, and part so hungry I could eat my hand. With our first selection of the evening closed, and our second though not taking any seats, we ended up wandering around Chinatown in search of some action. Pulling into the parking lot of Double Greeting Wonton House, we saw an open sign and empty tables. Finally, we would wander no longer.

The restaurant is a dive, in a good sort of way if you know what I mean. As we sipped on bland tea, Miz J, Sarah and Mr.Cut (our guest and translator for the evening) pondered the menu. While not everyone was as hungry as me, we did end up with 5 dishes, including a few pork options, a beef plate, and some vegetables. First to the table came our bowl of steamed rice, which was nothing more than the required base. The MaPo Tofu showed up next and I was taken back immediately. When I think of MaPo Tofu, I think of this and this…not what I saw in front of us. Where was the colour? Where was the pork? Why was there all this seafood? And before you wonder if I got the right dish, this was delivered and verbally confirmed as MaPo Tofu. The overall flavour was bland and boring, resulting in an huge letdown especially after telling the table how exciting this dish would be. Our order of BBQ Pork was next to arrive. I know we weren’t in a true bbq house, but the pork here almost seemed oven roasted with a final shot of liquid poured over top. The meat did have a good mix of fat, but without any skin or real bbq flavour dish two was another pass.

MaPo Tofu

BBQ Pork

I had to laugh when Mr.Cut mentioned that if they screw up anything else, it’s all but done for Double G. Good thing the Mixed Vegetables came out next, as they were spot on. A few pieces of onion had that great wok char, while the larger pieces retained enough bit and heat to be very pleasing. Waiting for our final dish took a bit of time, but eventually we were brought the Satay Beef with Broccoli. The meat to vegetable ratio was skewed, with most of the plate being broccoli. This wasn’t really a bad thing though, as the beef had no real flavour and the broccoli was again cooked perfectly.

Mixed Vegetable

Satay Beef w/ Broccoli

I don’t think we knew exactly how to sum it up. Besides the vegetables, the meal was bland and uninspiring. We were all happy that we stumbled on a divey place, but unfortunately the food seemed to follow suit. No hole in the wall gem if you know what I mean. Then again, with a few hundred items on the menu, who knows what the right dishes are to order.

10 thoughts on “Double Greeting Wonton House – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. As a member of this adventure, all i can really say is that Chris and eye kept giving each other these looks of, maybe the next dish will be better. Hey you win some you lose some and the place was pretty busy for a Saturday, so as Chris said maybe we picked the wrong dishes. But really, whats does the food really matter when you are laughing so hard it hurts. It was a good night.

    • As I said before, I was a little surprised by your lousy dinner – DG is one of my favourite restaurants… however, as I told Sharon last year, DG’s main focus is the fact that it’s a noodle house… it’s best *not* to order the rice and dishes separately as you did… best to order the soup noodles (or the Wor Won Ton – that’s actually pretty good), or the plates of fried noodles or whatever on rice. Plus, I’m a hot sauce freak, so I tend to douse *everything* I eat with hot sauce… 🙂

      Oh, yeah… and avoid the dim sum there too… it’s pretty gross…

  2. Miz J – Sometimes it is definitely the company that keeps things on the positive.

    Grace – Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve actually had a few comments come in via Twitter as well. I think the large menus can be so daunting. On a side note, I’d be interested in taking you up on your New Tan Tan offer.

  3. I don’t find China town to scary, but if you stay on the main drag its great. But it depends on what you are looking for out of your China town experience, cause if its food…. there is a lot of good places:o) just maybe go in pairs.

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