I’m Eating My Cookie

Not one to drag my blog into the world of politics, I couldn’t help but jump on the recent Stephen Duckett cookie craze. Now, I’m not going to beat his silly comments to death, but after discovering that it was an oatmeal raisin cookie that was too good to pass up…I had to involve this treat. As a child, my mother would bake straight oatmeal cookies, or if we were lucky, oatmeal chocolate chip. However, I now wonder if the rarity of the classic oatmeal raisin was because it would be so good it would take our voice away. How about you? Were you lucky enough to chew away on oatmeal raisin cookies at home? How about now? Do you reach for one when given the chance? Maybe you’d like to share your family recipe? Either way…let’s talk cookies!

5 thoughts on “I’m Eating My Cookie

  1. I’m a fan of adding chocolate chips too but there is lots to appreciate about soft and sweet raisins as well! I don’t have a particular recipe I use but you’ve got me thinking about making them..I wonder how booze soaked raisins would taste? Too over the top? Divine? I might have to do some research! I do know that I like my cookies mostly soft and chewy but slightly caramelized and crisp around the edges..even a little burnt. Yum!

  2. Hi Chris – The recipe for the cookie is actually in Paula Simon’s blog on the Journal’s website. La Persaud catering makes a good cookie!

  3. Hi Chris,
    @GwendolynMR of http://patentandthepantry.wordpress.com/ and the Calgary Herald made the cookie recipe from Le Persaud today. I haven’t heard the results yet, other than that it made a LOT of cookies.
    My mom used to make the straight-up oatmeal cookie variety, which I’m kind of indifferent to. But a few years back, she started using them to make vanilla ice cream sandwiches. Brilliant!

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