Jubilations Dinner Theatre – Edmonton, Alberta

Jubilations Dinner Theatre
8882 170 Street Northwest
West Edmonton Mall

Tom Jones meets Indiana Jones? Giant rock meets Sex Bomb. Sign me up! Not knowing how these two icons would survive on stage together, Sarah and I headed off to Jubilations Dinner Theatre with bated breath last night. Located in the massive West Edmonton Mall, Jubilations has been putting on shows here since the mid 90’s. Part show, part interactive dinner, this was going to be Sarah’s first visit.

The stage, which really acted as both the stage for singing as well as the archeological backdrop, was open and bright enough to give everyone a view. As we were taken to our seats on the third tier, we were instructed to look over the nights menu and have a selection in mind when our server Kong returned. Kong you say. Well yes, the interactive part comes from the staff who are in costume for the performance and add a bit of flair to the table. The soup and salad course are included in the price, while Sarah and I had to select from 4 mains, and 2 desserts. Sounds easy enough.

Kong informed us that our meal would be spread throughout the evening, but that the soup and salad course would come before the start of the show. While we waited for our first round of food, Sarah and I both enjoyed trying to figure out how our wait staff were dressed. There was everything from sexy male cops to African dancers. Our soup arrived first, Potato Leek SoupMade Fresh Daily with sauteed leeks, garlic and russet potatoes. Quite hot when it arrived, it was hard to miss the skin that had formed on top. After a bit of cooling and mouth blowing, I have to say this was a very enjoyable soup. The combination of vegetables provided a great base for a cool night. The salad was next, House Blended Mixed Green SaladTopped with sun dried cranberries and roasted almonds; gently tossed with a house made orange ginger vinaigrette. Fresh and bursting with citrus flavour, the one down side on my plate was the pool of vinaigrette in the middle.

Dr. Jones, er make that Tom Jones, or wait was that just Tom…either way, the show began after our first course. I figure I’ll let Jubilations give you the details – Audiences are invited along for the journey that takes the world famous entertainer — Tom Jones — on an archeological quest to find the long lost “Crow’s Eye Diamond” before the evil Dr. Fogerty can get his hands on it. The show will feature a bevy of favourite Jones’ hits such as It’s Not Unusual and What’s New Pussycat. Does that make sense? I hope it does. The show started with a bang, but as the clock ticked towards 8PM, my stomach started to wonder when we would eat. Finally the show was paused and our mains arrived.

Sarah opted for the 8 oz Prime Rib au JusServied medium only, and accompanied by garlic mashed potatoes and chef’s vegetables. I, going on a limb, went for the vegetarian option called Yam and Roast Root Vegetable FlanThis is a a chef original made with a tam base and filled with house roasted leeks onions parsnips and celery; served with rice pilaf and chef’s vegetable medley. Sarah’s beef was cooked marvelously, and with a side of horseradish sauce reminded me of a family dinner. I think the empty plate and smile from Sarah confirmed that she enjoyed her option. Not sure what I would be getting, the square of flan that arrived didn’t necessarily look that appealing. It was good to see whole vegetables inside and my first nervous bite was good. Not bland at all, the rather baby food colour gave way to a rich warm meal. Not something I’d get into on a regular basis, but quite good. The side of vegetables was a bit mixed for me, as the zucchini could have used a bit more time in the oven.

The woman sitting across from us had ordered another entree and was kind enough to let me take a photo. 8 oz wild rice, Black Forest Ham and fennel stuff Chicken BreastTopped with a safe infused velvety chicken glaze; served with garlic mashed potatoes and chef’s vegetable medley. I’m not sure about the velvety chicken glaze, as it doesn’t sound very sexy. Needless to say, I was informed that it was rather dry. After our plates were taken away (around 8:30), Tom and his cast of characters came back on stage.

You had to know that with two dessert options, Sarah and I would be conquering both. I went with the chocolate option, while Sarah selected pie. Chocolate Satin CakeThree layers of marbled sponge cake with alternating layers of smooth dark chocolate mousse and rich cream cheese mousse. All enrobed in a rich chocolate ganache and white drizzle. Served with fresh whipped cream, chocolate and caramel drizzle. Pumpkin Pie This pie tastes like heaven, with all the traditional spices to remind you of home for the holidays. Served with fresh whipped cream, raspberry and caramel drizzle. The chocolate cake was good, but very sweet and dense. After a quick sample or three from Sarah’s pie, I was filled with a tad bit of dessert envy. Who doesn’t love a good pumpkin pie!

The night was a solid success. The food was good, especially considering the venue. The show and story line ran longer than I think it should have, so after spending almost 5 hours in the room, I think we were both glad it was time for home. I know this would be fun in a group, so I can imagine coming back sooner than later. Or maybe it’s time to swing by the Mayfield Dinner Theatre for a little comparison.

5 thoughts on “Jubilations Dinner Theatre – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. I was asking myself whether or not Tom Jones is washed-up enough to be playing a dinner theater in Edmonton. Guess I’m tired…too bad I was actually thinking of going if it was the real deal.

  2. Wow! Can’t believe I missed an archaeological dinner theatre show! Sounds enjoyable, though lengthy.

    We went to the Mayfair Dinner Theatre back in June for the Buddy Holly Story. The food was pretty classic 90s buffet stuff: caesar salad, devilled eggs, smoked fish, prime rib, etc. It was actually fairly enjoyable, and the show was excellent. Best part though: we got schooled in how to navigate the buffet by a very knowledgeable senior who told us ‘we were doing it all wrong’… it reminded me of those Chowhound segments 🙂

  3. My wife and I have been to several shows at Jubilations over the years and have always really enjoyed ourselves.

    I’d suggest a matinee at The Mayfield, wonderful brunch buffet.

  4. Never been to Jubilations, but have attended dinner theatre @ Mayfield many times. Last trip there was a few months ago, and sad to say that the buffet’s quality was pretty poor, definitely worse than the time before. Not sure if it’s cutbacks or “The Economy” or whatever, but previous memories of it were of an excellent buffet. Even the after-meal coffee was no good! It’s too bad because the shows are awesome. Will have to check out Jubilations when an appealing show arises!

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