A Fast Food Chili One-Two

After our visit to the Urban Diner, and before the big game started, Sarah and I were again welcomed by the munchies. With a newly opened Tim Horton’s by the homestead, and Sarah wanting something warm and soup like, we figured a bowl of chili would do the job in a pinch. The drive-thru was packed when we arrived (seriously Tim’s must be a money machine), so we grabbed a seat at the bar table inside. The chili which runs in just under 5 bucks also comes with hefty bun. A quick stir of the bowl found the chili itself quite thick. I wonder if this had to do with the beans giving off their starch, as they were cooked to a mushy state. The meat was a mixture of chunks and crumbled bits while the vegetables were quite soft offering very little bite. As we ate our chili, we both agreed it was quite good; neither of us felt like it needed salt or pepper, and we really enjoyed having the bun to dip, scoop and eat.

As we neared the end of our meal, I started to think we needed some sort of chili showdown. With whom you ask? Well, Wendy’s of course! Having served chili for as long as I can remember, I started to wonder how these two bowls of meat and fiber would compare. So we jumped into the car and drove to the nearest Wendy’s for another round of dinner. The differences start right away as Wendy’s offers two sizes. As we grabbed our tray, we were handed hot sauce and crackers. While you may feel ripped by the lack of bun, your wallet will be saved a few dollars as well.

Soupier than the Tim’s variety, we both found the meat and assorted vegetables to be more evenly diced and prepared. As well, the beans and vegetables had a bit of density left in them, which I prefer. We both found that it lacked something when compared to Tim’s. That was until we added the hot sauce. A quick squirt and stir was all it took to make this bowl fantastic. Whether it was just the heat or maybe a bit of salt, but this packet of goodness really helped to bring out the flavour.

Both chili’s were good. The Wendy’s chili seems to take the nutritional argument, but both are good sources of fiber and would definitely make for a healthier option. Of course, once you start consuming the carb side of things or adding that shredded neon cheese, you might be better off having a burger. Do you have a favourite?

Tim Horton’s Chili (284grams)
300 calories
19 grams fat
1320 mg sodium
26 g protein
4 g fibre

Wendy’s Chili (340grams)
330 calories
10 grams fat
1310 mg sodium
28 g protein
6 g fibre

10 thoughts on “A Fast Food Chili One-Two

  1. For a quick bite, I prefer Timmy’s over Wendy’s for the reasons you mentioned above: it is thicker than the one from Wendy’s and have more of the chili feeling compared to the almost soup consistency of Wendy’s. (Of course, that is overlooking the argument about beans in a “true” chili). Adding hot sauce does not change things for me, unfortunately.

    For fun, I like to do something “interesting” when I order Timmy’s version: take the bun and make a (really messy) sloppy joe! 😀

    I don’t think it is offered anymore but a couple of years ago, I liked to order their chili in a bread bowl (a la clam chowder in a bowl). I guess they discontinued it because the bread bowl wasn’t/can’t be used for anything else.

  2. love this! i’m really happy both establishments have chili… and sad that both are usually in the same building! i believe the timmy’s version has mushrooms (am i right?) which i like. I also like the bun, its just so good…
    that being said, wendy’s makes a great chili too. i don’t think you can go wrong!

  3. Interesting showdown!
    Tim Horton IS a money machine. Never ever have I seen such brand loyalty as here with folks and their “Double Double” or “RRRoll up the RRIm” fanatism.

    I do eat some of their sandwiches once in a while, but try to stay away from the rest. Maybe I should give the Chili a try now.

  4. Wendy’s chili is too watery and gross.
    I LOVE Tim Horton’s chili, could be the butter and the bun though. If I don’t feel like a baked potato at Wendy’s I will take the chili to have as a second meal later, it is edible, but not anything I would deliberately get. I will go out just to get Timmy’s chili though.

  5. Team Wendy’s!! I love their taco salad. You mix greens, guac, pico, cheese, chips and chili. Sounds weird but it’s awesome.

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