The Week That Was And Is – December 3rd, 2010

It’s been a few weeks from my typical notes, and I think it’s a mixture of work, Movemember and Christmas that is to blame. The good part is that I have a solid head start on my Christmas shopping, and hope to have it wrapped up in time to enjoy the season without any unnecessary stress! PS. Do you have your baking done yet? I noticed there are a few alternatives if you know the right people

  • Taste Alberta, the newest Edmonton Journal feature, started with a bang yesterday. Running in the Wednesday Bistro section, this 30 week feature should become a place to talk about, look for, and learn about food in our province. I’ll post more in a few days as I have a bigger post in the works, but wanted to congratulate everyone involved, especially Kerry Powell who invited Sarah and I to attend the opening bash. I look forward to this project!

  • Ramen Sanpachi is set to open up shop here in Edmonton. With so many people used to the instant version of this classic Japanese dish, it’ll be refreshing to see a quality bowl of ramen available in Edmonton. Check out a preview at Foodosophy as they made a visit to the first Canadian location opened in Vancouver. Sounds like a January opening here.
  • Kerstin Roos, Edmonton-based artisan chocolatier and owner of Kerstin’s Chocolates, announced today that her company will be donating 10% of its net profits to the Change for Children Association (CFCA).
  • Kelly, over at Crazy White Girl With a Kitchen, wrote a great post about a recent sake adventure in Japan. I almost have to stop going to her page, as I always end up contemplating a bit of time in Japan.
  • The Canadian Food Blog Awards are still accepting nominations. Do stop by and submit your favourite blog.”Once nominations close, we will create a short list of finalists, based on the criteria for each category. One category (People’s Choice – Best Canadian Food Blog) will be open to public voting. Winners in all other categories will be determined by a team of expert judges from the Canadian hospitality and/or food writing industries.” Nominations can be made here.
  • If only I had an old bus in my yard, I would put some serious mind power into serving hungry bodies like this!
  • As a French chain gets ready to sell a foie gras burger, I have to wonder the quality when the entire burger is under $7!
  • I like to travel as much as the next guy, so it’s always handy to know about a few cheap eats during your adventures. From burritos in San Francisco to currywurst in Berlin.
  • I also have a Movember post in the queue, but wanted to congratulate Linda Affolder and Chad Moss on placing 1st and 2nd in the Manliest Cupcake Challenge. I came in third place (wait till you see my mancake), which surprised me with all of the amazing competition. I really liked this event as it brought people from all over the city together for a good cause and bit of cupcake fun!


Judging. Tough Job!

  • I made it back out to Everything Cheese. I still can’t shake how beautiful the shop is and it doesn’t hurt that Lydia and Tania are two super nice ladies. I grabbed Glenphilly (whiskey cheddar – cow), lle-Aux-Grues (2yr old cheddar – cow) and Pecorino (sheep) from our local producers at The Cheesery in Kitscoty. All three were good in their own way, but I loved the idea of whiskey in my cheese.

  • In what was one of the most adventurous and ridiculously fun food creations in recent history, I was lucky enough to partake in the creation of a Turkducken. With a chicken stuffed inside a duck and finally stuffed inside a turkey, this typically deboned creation, was made late night with friends and laughter. You’ll notice bones are clearly in place still, because that takes too long at night, and the entire bird was seasoned with bread, spices and a few lemons! Yum



  • Finally. In case you didn’t know. Go easy on the ghost chili. It’s deadly.

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  1. You are clearly living the life, Chris, and having a blast doing it! Great up date and a really fun read. Love the BONE IN turduckin (ouch on slicing that one!) and congrats on your cup cake win!
    Have a great week!

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