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La Monarca Latin Bakery
4119 106 St
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After The Old Bread Factory closed its doors this past summer, I wondered if that was the end of a Latin bakery on Edmonton’s south side. And while I didn’t ever visit The Old Bread Factory (TOBF) for their standard assortment of sandwich breads, I was a sucker for the Central American treats I become so fond of during my time in the region. From sweet empanada’s to those heart warming sweet breads known as concha’s, I hoped it was just a matter of time before I could get my fix.

Good thing I wasn’t the only person to crave these treats, because just across the road from TOBF’s location, I noticed that La Monarca Latin Bakery opened at the start of December. Taking my cue to stop in, I pulled up this weekend and had a stroll around. The front half, where you buy your goods, is quite small with the left and right wall full of display cases, while a smaller display case sits below the register when you walk in. Just like most Chinese bakeries and TOBF, you grab a plastic tray and pair of metal tongs for your journey around the store. Simply open a display, grab what you’d like, and then head to the till for a quick exchange of money.

Noticing that opening week was Buy One Get One or BOGO as the cool kids say, I did my best to grab a lot of treats. From rich and flaky biscuits, which would do well beside any hearty Alberta meal, to the sugary cookies, to the sweet bread concha’s that I came looking for. The staff, which included a gentleman from Mexico and two ladies (El Salvador & Guatemala respectively) were friendly and engaged in a bit of Spanish banter with me. The concha’s were easily my favourite of the items on this visit, but with a desire to increase their product lineup and include bread, I’ll be sure to go back and see what else they can bake up. As there were no prices on the display cases yet, I had to wonder if it wasn’t opening week, and I’d paid full price ($30), I may not be so apt to stop in for such a huge spread on a normal basis. Right now though, I’m going to let my mind drift and pretend like it’s 40 degrees.

11 thoughts on “La Monarca Latin Bakery – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. Hey, don’t envy us here, we barely have one or two such places here…. Having said that, not having the prices listed sucks. As for the goods, hey, where is the empanada??? 😉

  2. OK this time I’m going to get down there to the south before I hear anything else about conchas and they disappear

  3. No empanada yet Kim. I’ll go back and check things out sooner than later, as they’d only been open two days.

    Laurel. Do go. The conchas aren’t for everyone, but I find them to be perfect through out the day. A few of them, and a cup of coffee..breakfast, done and done.

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  5. This is the worst bakery I have been to. For a whole week they made me run back and forth for “fresh bread” which they never ever made. Everyday it would be a new story: ” we are sold out, “we didn’t make bread today”, “the oven broke down”. On the last day I went they made me come back three times, each time saying some lousy excuse “the bread isn’t done come back later” “ten more minutes” “sorry the oven broke down again”. Come on its a new bakery!!!! and there oven spontaneously breaks down every time you ask for white, or whole wheat bread?! I feel extremely sorry for the lady at the front, she always felt so bad that the baker and owner kept taking me for a fool, she was very polite and tried to apologize for the inconvenience, she seems to be a lot more professional than the owner who brushed me off after he was the one who made me run back and forth instead of telling me like he did at the end, sorry we frankly didn’t have time to make bread today but if you leave your address we can deliver it, he should have said that the first time instead of making me come back three times knowing there was never any bread being made. This should be called a pastry bakery and not a latin bakery because all they sell is sweets, even if you go at ten in the morning when they first open, they magically sell out of bread but there is an abundance of mexican sweets, but no variety on other Latin American countries.

  6. Thank God this kind of Bakeries coma back to Edmonton. The bread and pastries are delicious. It’s so difficult to find good bread and sweet pastries bake from scrath in Edmonton.

  7. Love Mexican and Latin American sweet pastries and bread. The premise is very good located and is neat. The service is great!!! Congrats!!!

  8. Poor Sue!!! Thanks good you have Save on Foods and Safeway -They must be the best bakers for you…

    Remember… this is Edmonton and you cannot have the same variety of latin bread you can find in Montreal or Toronto.

    Congrats la Monarca!!!

  9. I had the opportunity to share with a Mexican friend the Three Kings Day or “El Dia de los Reyes” and I tried Rosca de Reyes (delicious sweet-bred), it’s a great experience for me and my family; we learned more about Latin American traditions.

    Congratulations La Monarca!


  10. Hi everyone!

    Good news, La Monarca is now under new management and owners. There will be many changes and a variety of options when it comes to baked goods. There will also be empanadas sold, there will be special order empanadas baked fresh daily. Stay tuned for the grand re-opening of La Monarca!

    We are currently selling empanadas.

    La Monarca Latin Bakery
    4119 106 Street
    Edmonton, Alberta T6J 2S3

    • Hi LAM,

      If you can pass along more information about the change it would be great. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line in my “Contact” section so I can pass along the information to all of the readers.

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