Barbero’s Restaurant – Red Deer

Barbero’s Restaurant
3310 50th Ave
Red Deer, AB
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I have a few old posts in the queue right now and this just happens to be one. While working in Red Deer just a few days before Halloween, a group of us ended up going out for lunch. In the classic path of decisions, we ended up at a buffet. After all, there seems to be something comfortable for a group of coworkers eating a buffet. No one has to worry about eating something they don’t want too, and really, as long as it doesn’t suck entirely, people usually end up full when they walk out.

Scary Halloween

The Glory

As we sat in our assigned seats, I couldn’t help but notice something odd. Besides the strange, almost outdoor style bench’s, the entire floor was carpet. So while it helped grip our chairs (making any movement rather awkward), I can’t help but imagine the costs of such a space. Food + Carpet = ? We were seated almost directly beside the buffet and I started to feel let down from the get go. Not remotely close to the awe inspiring spread at the Royal Executive in Nisku, this buffet consisted of 6 salads, cottage cheese, rice,  ham & meatballs. Not exactly jaw dropping.

With 10 or so people eating, I wasn’t surprised to see just about every plate looking exactly the same. The fruit wasn’t bad, but not exactly sweet and ripe. The rice was dry, and the ham was pretty boring. The winner for me on this day was the meatballs. Literally soaking in sauce, they were plump, juicy and warm. I’m almost wishing I would have smuggled some back for the afternoon craving. Although I don’t know how I would have smuggled more meatballs out…pants pockets I suppose.

The dessert table options easily outnumbered the mains, but with everyone feeling rather lack luster after our lunch offering, not much damage was done. We all live and learn I suppose, so next time a work lunch calls, I think it’s safe to say I’ll try and push for somewhere else.

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  1. Having just recently moved to Edmonton from Red Deer I can say with experience that Red Deer doesn’t have much to boast about when it comes to restaurants, especially compared to Edmonton. However, Barbero’s is easily one of my top picks for places to eat. If you ever find yourself returning around dinner time I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with their menu, it really is one of the best Red Deer has to offer

  2. Ahem… Had I known before you came… There are better options for lunch, especially if you like buffets. The Tandoor & Grill downtown is one such option. So is Tanoa, a Fiji restaurant. We do have one of the best Thai restaurants I’ve encountered. Nevertheless… the choice is remarkably thin by comparison with bigger centres (and somewhat disappointing given that there are over 90,000 people who call this city home).

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