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Lux Steakhouse + Bar
10150 101 St

Eating with Jerry and his wife KD has become somewhat of a regular adventure for Sarah and I. And even though we knew that December would be busy for everyone, we still found time to make something happen. As we hemmed and hawed about a possible location, we decided to avoid any unknowns, and pick something dependable. Seeing as LUX Steakhouse + Bar hadn’t let any of the group down before, we though it would fit the bill nicely.

Always friendly for off-the-menu meals, Jerry and I sat down with Chef Andrew Cowan a week before the meal, ate some bacon ice cream, and went on our way. Needless to say, anticipation built. With Jerry always entertaining the masses, our group soon increased in size, as an invitation was extended to Edmonton Journal Food Editor Kerry Powell. None of us wanted Kerry to ride in the culinary side car alone after finding out her date could not make the evening, so Jerry lined up a surprise date to complete the table.

During our initial meal planning meeting, Chef Cowan informed us that December is always busy with holiday celebrations at LUX, and the earlier we could make this meal, the better it would be. So with everyone in agreement, we aimed for 5. Just minutes after sitting down, and learning that our surprise guest was Edmonton Journal Music Writer, Sandra Sperounes, we were delivered baskets of Foie Gras Popcorn. Not exactly your common popcorn topping! I loved the earthy feel and soon found myself staring into an empty container. I could have done serious damage to that popcorn machine.

With our bodies now dialed into food mode, and a round of drinks lubricating our throats, we enjoyed a bit of friendly journalist q&a (seriously, it’s like they are police officers) before our next dish; A Raw Trio – Hand-cut Steak Tartare, Foie Gras Poached Ahi Tuna, Hamachi Toro Pate w/ Coriander & Orange. The selection was a wonderful balance of items, with tartare and the hamachi being my favourite two. I wasn’t a big fan of the crisps, as the deep fried flavour competed with the delicate flavours and in the end I just used my fork. I think I’d ask for toasted slices of baguette next time.

As a fast eater, I was able to sit back and see the looks of joy on my fellow diners faces. I think I even heard a few audible notes of glee. The third dish of the night was Sous Vide Rabbit Saddles on Forest Mushrooms. The two portions of rabbit were cooked perfectly. Moist. Tender. Perfect. The mushrooms were creamy, and with enough bite to give you a rich meaty feeling. This meal was getting better and better. Our fourth dish on the night was Champagne Sorbet with Shaved Foie Gras Torcon. The crisp, bright and clean flavour of this dish was a perfect addition to the evening. In fact it was so good, that I devoured three servings as both Jerry and KD passed on the plate due to its alcohol content.

Our star main dish was next up; Bacon Poached Tenderloin with Guinness and Gruyere Macaroni & Cheese. Having had a to-die-for bacon poached rib-eye before from Chef Cowan before, I was really excited to see this arrive at the table. Probably a touch more medium rare than the rare I would have ordered if given the choice, this piece of meat was outstanding. I hadn’t ever though about sitting on slice of beef on pasta like this, but the stout flavour and creamy macaroni worked well in combination.

Finally, with our five courses down, our dessert was prepped and being delivered. Two big scoops of Bacon Ice Cream. I can see after talking with everyone at the table, this isn’t necessarily a hit for the masses. It is however, a great change from the norm and something that I loved. The creamy texture leaves a great bacon flavour in the back of your throat, and I soon found myself eating Sarah’s bowl.

The meal, which by all accounts, was a huge hit, did everything we could want. It provided some outstanding food and a relaxing place to share new and old. The fact that Chef Cowan is given the freedom to entertain diners requests like this, goes to show how dedicated he is to the craft. And just like my previous LUX post, I have to say, no I have to suggest, if you want something special, or you want to impress, please just call them up and talk. Not only will you get a great meal, but it’ll be personalized and  made with caring hands.

As a side note, we stayed after this meal and started to consume even more food. From the giant bowls of Lobster Mac & Cheese (plus bacon) to the biggest piece of Chocolate Cake I’ve ever seen. It truly was a feast.

4 thoughts on “LUX Steakhouse + Bar – Tis’ The Season

  1. Journalists are like police officers? Well, OK, fair enough.
    Great, descriptive post. The raw trio was an exciting course; the tartare and ahi perfectly set up my night. I agree the deep-fried crisps were too strongly flavoured to accompany them. But the highlight for me was definitely the Gruyere and Guinness mac and cheese. I wanted to lick the plate.
    Thanks for a fun night!

  2. Great looking dinner. Sooooo, you stayed right after the meal to have Mac and cheese and chocolate cake??? That’s impressive……I think. How open do you think chef cowan would be to offering a special vegetarian dining experience. Maybe I’ll give them a call. I really enjoy your blog.

    • Jill, I’m just going to barge right in here and throw out an answer. Chef Cowan would be all over it. Simply utter the words “off-the-menu” and let him go to work!


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