Lindapalooza Pie

When someone gives Sarah and I something nice, in this case food, I often wonder if I can incorporate it into the blog. After all, if someone has put thought and effort in the product, why not give them some props. The item in this case, is a pie. But not just any pie. Quite possibly one of the best pies I’ve ever eaten. And no, it didn’t come from a fancy bakery, or a factory of grandmothers. No, this here pie, apple, pear and cranberry pie to be exact, came from the oven of the lovely, and historic, Linda Affolder. It was so good that it was eaten for breakfast, as well as dessert. A perfectly golden crust (oh look at that sugar top) gave way to a rich pastry that encompassed the most divine texture and sweetness of fruit. Not runny but not stiff. Sweet enough to capture your taste bugs, but not so sweet you wonder if your teeth are rotting. This pie present may just be one of the best things we’ve eaten all year. And I mean that, with all my heart. Thank you Linda for being such an amazing baker, and an even better person. I hope I’ll be lucky enough to sample more in the year to come.

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