Cheese On Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has been kind enough to host the big show in my house for the last 15 years or so. What started as opening just one present as kids, soon become two, and eventually as the legal alcohol age was surpassed, it strangely became, “Lets open every present”. Even when my mother was sick, we still made sure to get down with this tradition and open everything before Santa could land his sleigh. This year, Sarah and I headed over to my father’s for a bit of celebration, some bubbles and presents!

If you can’t tell from the title, I was bringing cheese. I also brought a few bags of other treats, but cheese was my focus. After all, who needs a big heavy meal when you can gorge on delicious cheese. Stopping by Everything Cheese last minute, Sarah and I looked through the sparsely populated shelves and started sampling ourselves into each selection. Red Leicester (our current favourite), Cave Aged Gruyere, Riopelle, Chevre Noir, & Smokehouse Cheddar. We figured the mix would give us a well rounded profile and texture. From hard to soft, and strong to safe. We also picked up two Berkshire Chobai sausages, a sweet & hot Hungarian.

With plates of vegetables, bowls of olives, crackers, bread, and the three-tiered dessert tray plate full of classics, it’s safe to say we had more than enough to fill our bellies and our daily caloric requirements. The riopelle, with it’s soft texture and neutral creamy profile was a huge hit, and I found myself layering it on slices of baguette and finishing it with The Jam Lady’s mango chutney. If there was any miss, it would have been the cave aged gruyere which seemed to be avoided due to it’s lingering flavour. I think it would have suited itself better in a melted form and may just be brought back for pizzas or grilled cheese sandwich. Part of me can’t telly you what was better, eating such delicious treats, or opening the presents!

7 thoughts on “Cheese On Christmas Eve

    • Hi Fojoy. I have tried Piave. It was a delicious find at the Italian Centre back in the day, and still makes the table on a monthly basis.

  1. Hey Chris, when I got home I checked and I did indeed have your blog bookmarked. Not only that, I poked around a bit and found some comments here from my friend Rhianna over at Crazy. I’ll be sure to send you wicked recipes I come across since I know now that you are, just like me, a veritable foodie.

  2. I would take that platter over a big holiday dinner any day! I would probably take that over opening gifts as well, but thats just me!
    I love Chevre Noir & last week tried an Extra Aged Gouda that was amazing!!!

  3. We always try a new cheese on Christmas Eve! Something about plates with cheese, crackers, meats and tiny pickles just screams “Christmas” to me. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and just recently put the pieces together and realized the “Sarah” you often speak of is the same Sarah I used to work with. I’m glad she’s the one you spoil with all of your amazing cooking and treats… she’s a keeper!

    – Laurel

  4. Ryan – Thanks for stopping by. It was great to meet you, and I look forward to more recipe/food chats.

    Bella – Extra Aged Gouda…now I’m intrigued. Maybe it’s time for a cheese party!

    Laurel – I love to hear that cheese is tradition at your house too! And yes, Sarah is a keeper. 🙂

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