A Day About Bread

Today is about bread. Not that everyday can’t be about this glorious food, but it seems a bit more special today. Tonight, I’ll be sharing an hour or so with Owen Petersen from Prairie Mill Bread Co., as we share some of our knowledge in front of local Edmontonians who are keen to learn a little more. After all, bread takes patience and time; just like all good things in life. If you want to stop by feel free, but do contact Sarah at Luzzara as she is hosting this event and room is limited. If you do make it down, there might just be a fresh loaf or two for snacking.

Luzzara Coffee Bar
10011 82 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB

8 thoughts on “A Day About Bread

  1. Good for you, Chris. I have seen a lot of buzz about this on Twitter, but thought it was a private event at your house. Nice to see there is TALK about good bread going on around the city! I will not be able to attend, but you know I would love to be there!!! I made the BEST BASIC (very basic) ciabata EFFORTLESSLY and it had the crustiest crunchiest crust and the most light fluffy interior. Bread one of my interests, as you know – and I plan to get a bit more into it this yeat!

  2. I’ve been able to make a bit more room, so i can fit in some more people for the breaducation. Come early and get a coffee or tea. See you all this evening.
    And thank you in advance to Chris and Owen, I know that this will be a fun evening.

  3. I so wish I could make this event! I have thinking about trying to make my own bread lately and this would have been a great opportunity for me to learn about it! Next time hopefully!
    Have a great time!

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