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I could sit here and write about pizza for days it would seem. Or at least I could eat pizza for days. And why not. Different dough, different toppings. You can change it up every time and never get bored. So just like there are different strokes for different folks, I want to know about your pizza favourites. Do you have favourite restaurant? Topping combination? Crust? Thick and loaded. Thin and minimal. Late night dirty pie. Let’s hear it.

The pizza pictured  is from a country style bread dough I make and was topped with thin slices of tomato, basil, fresh cracked pepper, banana peppers, fresh mozzarella, and olive oil. Into the oven at 550, and before you know it…delicious pizza pie.

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  1. Minimal tomato based sauce, roasted red peppers, garlic, good prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, and basil. That’s my perfect pizza. Preferably on thin crust…yum! I’ll have fun sourcing good stuff in Toronto now that I won’t be at home with theceliachusband to run around buying it up for the family.

    For a last minute thrown together pizza, I enjoyed one once with a (very) thin slathering of bbq sauce, chicken, mozzarella, roasted mushrooms, and fresh pepper.

    Late night dirty pie, I have to say Hawaiian will do it for me every time. Something about those canned pineapples when you’re really hungry…

  2. While experimenting with vegetarianism in high school, I tried (and immediately loved) the strange combo of pineapple and onion as a veggie alternative to Hawaiian. I still love it.

    Fave pizza joint? Garbonzo’s in Winnipeg. Was a local chain back when I was a kid, but I think they’re now down to a single location. Extra “bonzo” sauce is essential.

    As for something slightly more adventurous, I’ve been craving an Indian-themed pizza my brother introduced me to about a decade ago: brinjal pickle as the sauce (Patak’s sells it in jars), topped with marinated tandoori-style chicken, mozzarella and cilantro. Hella good. Hoping to whip up one of these in the next couple months.

  3. Best pizza in #yeg is Franco’s pizza in Callingwood on the West End. Veggie no olives add feta and/or (real crumbled) bacon. I like famoso too.

  4. Mmmm…. pizza! I love it with mushrooms, onions, olives, tomatoes, mozzarella, and anchovies! Yes!

    Just wanted to thank you for the Sabor Divino address. I went there yesterday and it was great! Now I know two good restaurants in Edmonton… both of which are super expensive! My bank account doesn’t thank you 😉

  5. As I am not the food expert or is it I am just to lazy to cook? 🙂 I still like Panago’s BBQ chicken and their Primo Shrimp. Your’s does look VERY good Chris.

  6. I love making pizza at home!

    I make a thin-whole wheat crust pizza, topped with pesto, tomatoes, and goats cheese. Toss it in the oven to bake the crust and then pull it out and top it with arugula that’s been lightly dressed in lemon juice and olive oil.

    So light, so yummy! I have a hard time stopping eating this one.

  7. We don’t make our own dough but tomato sauce, spicy Italian sausage, blue cheese and basil is always a huge hit.

  8. I just liked the headline of “pizza party.” One of my girlfriends told me once, you just add “party” to anything you say to her kids and they’ll automatically think it’s fun. Even pizza parties at grandma’s. Apparently I can be as easily swayed as her kids. 🙂

  9. My brother, you will have to share the recipe for the dough and the rest! (I.e., time of cooking, stone yes/now, etc. etc. etc.)

    As for favourite pizza, in my “childhood”, I used to order something that would make a lot of people squirm: (canned) tuna, mushroom and double cheese! I would certainly order it in the (unlikely) event it is available in a menu, but, since it is quite unlikely, nowadays, I would go for margharita (if whole) or something “simple” on those lines. However, I would not say no to a fully loaded meatloavers one! 😀

  10. At home, the dough has got to be Peter Reinhart’s, and toppings usually involve a thin tomato base, mozzarella (the buffalo milk version, if I’ve had an especially bad day and feel like spoiling myself), basil, and some type of spicy sausage. My favourite elsewhere is definitely at Da Capo, and it’s the one with rosemary, blue cheese, sausage and potato (I think it used to be called Di Roberto, but they recently changed the name). And they have another with artichoke hearts, olives, ham and mushrooms that’s pretty excellent. Yum! Great question, Chris! Although now I want pizza.

  11. I love Panago’s Jalepeano Ranch dip on mushroom and pepperoni pizza. Slice fresh tomatoes and squeeze lime on top with a touch of cracked pepper. Yum!

  12. Lauren – That is a delicious sounding pie. I’ve been eating so much fresh mozzarella lately…so good! I’m definitely going to keep that selection in my last. I hear a lot of people enjoying a pizza with BBQ sauce…it’s on the list!

    Iain – Pineapple and onion. Interesting. Fresh onion? Thinly sliced? Red, white sweet? Do tell me more. Bonzo Sauce sounds right and wrong. Love it. There is a place in Mill Woods that does a mean Indian pizza (or so I’m told), maybe it’s time for an adventure.

    Elaine – I’ve never heard of Franco’s Pizza. I’ll look it up. Sounds like a solid pie!

    Dr. Caso – Anchovies! I was hoping someone might throw that down. And you are welcome about Sabor. If that’s too much, we can always meet for pizza. 

    Aunty Sue – Another BBQ Chicken fan it seems. Thanks!

    Charlene Moon – Isn’t it great to make it at home. A whole wheat crust is great too; nothing wrong with a bit of extra fibre! I like the idea of fresh arugula on top as well. That’s going on the board now too.

    Erik – Blue cheese, a solid choice. I had a love affair with blue cheese a few years back, and it may be time to rehash those memories.

    Diane Begin – I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of that idea, but I like it. Do you think it applies to day today it’s a “work party”? 

    Kim – I’ll share the dough soon. I’ve been on a making frenzy so when I have time I’ll write it down. As someone who likes a canned tuna, I may just pull this one out sooner than later. Were the mushrooms fresh or sautéed? And that might be the best part about pizza Kim, depending on the day, it’s margharita or meatlovers.

    Marianne – Agreed about the dough. I’ve been branching out, the one pictured for example, but I’m a huge PR fan. So dependable. I’ve never had that Da Capo pie, but what I have had is quite good. We do have some solid choices in the city.

    Jennifer Kennedy – I forgot all about the dips. At home, if anything, a simple drizzle of olive oil and I blank out any need for dip 😉 I like the citrus idea.

    • Fresh? Sauteed? No, my brother… Canned as well!!! 😀 And the cheese? I won’t be surprised it was some sort of bagged mix, hahahaha!

    • Fresh white onion, sliced nice and thin. I try to put it on top of the other ingredients, so the extremities char a wee bit in the oven.

      If you learn any more details on the whereabouts of an Indian pizza in Mill Woods, let me know. 🙂 I’m always up for a field trip.

  13. My temp wood oven has been doling out its share lately. The theme: half-and-halfers. Half how my wife and I like it, half how the kids like it.

  14. My favourite order in pizza is Pizza Hut. The greasy goodness always does the trick for the last minute pizza cravings! Pepperoni, mushroom, feta & fresh tomato.

    Going for pizza usually means a trip to Famoso. The prosciutto & arugula is usually #1 on my list!

    When I make at home I have great crust recipe (can’t remember where I picked it up from) and the fillings are usually just what I have around the house. Usually lots of veggies, random cheeses & maybe a protein.

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  16. BBQ Duck, hoisin sauce, cilantro, green onions, cucumber and jicama matchsticks, chow mein noodles and a bit of mozza. We call it Peking duck pizza..

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