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With Sarah’s pseudo-sister Stephie recently celebrating her birthday, Sarah and I made a deal to take her out for a brunch celebration. The fun started right out of the gate with the decision process, as Stephie just couldn’t seem to settle on a pick of her choice. As we sat in the car going nowhere fast, Sarah chimed in and made the executive decision. Which was good, as my brain was low of caffeine and I needed someplace to fill up. Having always wanted to try Café de Ville for brunch, I was more than happy to put the car in drive and head across the river.

Arriving just after 10, I was surprised to hear we were asked if we had a reservation as there were only four people inside. Saying no, we were quickly (go figure) seated near the window (yes, light!). The menu was easy enough to glance through, as it was concise and broken into two categories; To Begin, Main Courses. With mugs of coffee in hand, Sarah suggested we start with the Banana de VilleGrilled banana bread, black raspberry coulis, crème fraîche. Sounding like a pretty glorious way to start our meal, Stephie and I easily agreed.

Had we known that we would be delivered a basket of treats soon after our menus were taken away, I think it may have changed our starter. What unknowingly arrived were a collection of warm pastries; croissants, danishes, sticky buns, and chocolate chip blueberry muffins. I have to say the warmth  and smell of these items made them impossible to resist. After ripping into one of the muffins, I looked down at my fingers to see them coated with the still soft chocolate chips. Coffee..warm chocolate chip covered hands. *eyes roll back*

A refill of coffee was all it took before the banana bread hit the table. Warm, with a perfect flat top crust, the two good-sized portions were sweet without being cloying. The fruit coulis and crème fraîche were displayed quite nicely on the plate, so it’s almost a shame we started dragging chunks of banana bread through. Yum! Our mains were up next, with Stephie ordering Eggs Devillegrilled Canadian bacon, hollandaise. Sarah choosing Grilled Sausagelocal select sausage with poached eggs, hashbrowns and toast and myself, well, I went with the Polenta  Soufflespinach, stilton, herbs, feta, wild mushroom ragout.

The first thing I noticed were the poached eggs. Watching Sarah and Stephie cut them open, it was nice to see they were done to perfection. Sarah even mentioned they were the warmest eggs she’s ever received. Who knows, maybe they did them last minute as the plates were prepped to go out. Asking about the sausage, I was told they Lincolnshire from Irvings Farm Fresh. They were ok, but a little bland for my liking. The souffle, which arrived in a pool of amazingly savory ragout, was something I wouldn’t normally order and it won me over. A rich, soft and creamy mix! The biggest knock we agreed, the hashbrowns, which suffered from too little seasoning and a whole lot of cooking, which meant they were mushy and bland. Where’s that great flat top char?

While we all hoped for more out of our potatoes, I think it’s safe to say this was a solid success. From the service, which was attentive and funny, to the food which started and finished well, I think Café de Ville was a solid choice for Stephie’s birthday brunch. As we packed up to leave, we were delivered a takeout container with the remaining sweets we didn’t finish at the start. A sweet treat to remember the meal by. Now I wonder how the newly opened Sherwood Park location is doing….

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  1. I hope it is not bad influence from me but, with the natural light comment, you are starting to sound like Sherman, hahahaha! Food looks interesting but, for the potatoes and based solely in looks, I think I like more the way Culina makes them (I had them at the Muttart Conservatory).

  2. Great. I’m always looking for good and unique breakfast places and checking the menu they have french toast with brie and bananas…also great. I couldn’t find the hours/days that brunch is offered…any info?

  3. Love Cafe de Ville! @DaveR: The hours are listed under the “Contact” tab> “About Us”. Looks like they only serve brunch on Sundays.. As a side note: the Glenora Bistro (next door to CdV) also does an excellent breakfast/brunch (french toast!) and they’re open for it everyday!

  4. Had a great breakfast (at 130pm) at the Glenora Bistro. Thanks for the advice. The had what sounded like some great and interesting lunch specials as well (Kangaroo Burger comes to mind). I will definitely go again and also check out the subject of the blog as well. 124th St seems to have all sorts of great places — went back to Dutchess Bakery for the third time since my move to Edmonton in October and have been to the Mustard something sandwich place on the corner previously. Great area for small/novel establishments.

  5. Kim. As you know from your recent visit, it’s dark here so early that I don’t usually get the chance to capture some natural light…and yes it made me think of our conversation. I’ll look forward to your Culina post!

    DaveR – French toast with brie and banana…sounds fantastic right! I’ll have to head over to Glenora, it’s been way too long and it would make for a solid blog post, especially if they have a ‘roo burger. The Mustard place is, Col. Mustard’s Canteen (or something like that), and I’ve always solid sammies when I go.

    Omega – Thanks for the brunch tip. Who doesn’t love brunch every day!

  6. Cafe De Ville has a special place in my heart b/c that was where I had my wedding dinner! Not only that, it was a Sunday — they made an extra special exception for us and the food was fabulous. Not bad since I phoned pretty much last minute about it (my hubby and I eloped, more or less) so I can’t rave enough about the service. 🙂 I haven’t tried their brunch yet, though; looks like I’ll have to set aside some time on the weekend…

  7. Thanks for this review Chris! I love brunch, but I haven’t had a chance to try out any good brunch place in Edmonton yet. Since I’m new to this town, I think your reviews will be very helpful! By the way, I find that so few restaurants do a great job with hash browns. I wish the decor was more hip and contemporary…great food and beautiful surroundings…am I asking too much?!

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