Braised Oxtail Pizza

With 4 good sized cuts of oxtail in the package that I braised, Sarah and I had enough leftover for a second meal. And what says a leftover good time like pizza. That’s right; this current pizza trend really does have no sign of stopping, and what with our recent lamb shank pizza being a success, I figured why not oxtail.

Sauce On Spoon Test

I wanted capture as much of the braising liquid flavour as possible for the pizza, so I poured all of the liquid (skimmed of any fat) into a pan and let it simmer over low heat. Coming back every few minutes to check on things, I used a whisk to keep the liquid moving and make sure nothing was burning on the bottom. Eventually, after what seemed like hours (it really wasn’t), I had less than 1/3 cup of liquid. And it was thick. Like awesome sauce thick. Just check out the spoon test above. Rich and meaty, this jus had gone to another level it seemed. I tossed the two remaining oxtails in the sauce  to warm a bit, before shedding the meat with my fingers (ouch!) and putting the meat back in while I prepped the dough.

Having enough pizza dough in my fridge to bake for an army, I simply went though my stash and pulled out a package of PRNN earlier in the day. Which for those not in my fridge or brain, means Peter Reinhart Neo Neapolitan. This pizza dough is just one of many Peter has listed in his book American Pie and it has been a favourite of mine. Light and crispy, I figured it would lend it self nicely to the minimal ingredients. Topping the pie with a bit of pizza sauce, I added fresh mozzarella (I love this stuff, so wet and glorious), thinly sliced mushrooms, and the now heaping pile of warmed oxtail. I finished it with a drizzle of jus and tossed it into the oven (550) for about 7 minutes. Hearty, filing, & fun.

7 thoughts on “Braised Oxtail Pizza

  1. Looks great. And what an awesome way to use up your oxtail. I have PR’s American Pie, but I haven’t made much from it. If I ever finish Modern Baker, thay may be my next project.

  2. Kim – I’ll get that too you.

    Sarah – I think it’s just the oven version of a sandwich. So quick when you plan ahead.

    Thanks Gaarp. It’s a solid book that is for sure. I think I’m going to make each dough recipe and see how it goes.

  3. Awesome idea. My wood fired oven tomfoolery has given me a newfound respect for tasty flatbread loveliness as a delivery device for additional tasty stuff. Speaking of that, the big project breaks ground as soon as the snow’s melted enough to dig.

  4. What a great final photo! Makes my mouth water. I will add my name to the list who want the dough recipe. I have been making tons of flatbreads/pizzas lately because the little one will eat them. I’m crap at making any dough, but I resolve to keep trying. Do you use a pizza stone? I got one for Christmas and am thinking about trying it out.

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