Super Bowl XLV Meal

If you are going to watch the game, you might as well make something delicious. And you better start early, because you don’t want to risk a bad half-time show ruining your appetite. Or worse, if your team is losing, who really wants to be diluting your chili with grown man tears. Around here, I started with something light, Insalata Caprese. Ripe tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and ribbons of basil, topped with salt, pepper, Villa Magra Gran Cru olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

The main show was provided by the team out at Irvings Farm Fresh, as Sarah and I picked up some gorgeous berkshire chops at the market yesterday. To accompany the meat, I steamed bok choy, made homemade fries (two types as a test) and some balsamic glazed onions and peppers. A quick sear in a hot cast iron pan with some salt and pepper, was all these fatty chops needed before spending some time in a 350 oven. And oh my. Delicious!

The finale was oven roasted gala apple slices, that were mixed with sugar and cinnamon, and finished with some refreshing vanilla yogurt.

I know it wasn’t nacho’s and chili, but I’m thinking this was a nice change from the normal wings and dip. How was your Super Bowl party?

3 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLV Meal

  1. Superbowl what? And would someone hurry up and post video of Xtina messing up the national anthem already? #followinglifeontwitter

    Love the tomato appetizer. A variation I fall back on when I want simple, refreshing and loads of flavour…hmmm, maybe I will whip up a tomato salad tomorrow. 🙂

  2. This meal was the Bomb, as are most… so far all the meals i’ve had the pleasure of sharing with Chris and Sarah.

    This must be the season of Pork, cause i know i have been having it everywhere as of late.
    The meal was beautiful the onions & peppers were a perfect accent to the pork.

    To close out the evening with the apples was so simple but a perfect combination of textures and tastes.
    Cheers, thanks for all the chats tonight team:o)

  3. Sarah – Did that screw up hurt your American soul, or has it gone the way of your citizenship.. 😉

    Gotta love simple delicious eats!

    Miz J – Thanks! It always seems to be pork season around here.

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