French Fries

I’ve often heard that if people want to cut down on the amount of junk food they consume, they should try making the same dishes at home. This, if what they say is true, is where the consumer will realize that digesting a 1500 calorie bomb, isn’t just about driving to the store. Take french fries; you have to have heat up a fat, cut potatoes, fry, and then clean up! All of which takes time and effort. No 5 minute meal here. Having picked up fat from Irvings Farm Fresh for some iron chef style experiments, the final conclusion seemed obvious. Render down the excess and give myself some fat to fry with. So that’s exactly what I did.

Pulling out a heavy pot, I added the chunks of fat of fat to the heat while simultaneously making the homestead smell…well…not so pretty. Once I had the fat where I wanted it, I skimmed out all the goodies left over (I probably could have cooled it before running through a sieve), and brought the temperature to about 315. Why? Because I’m a huge believer in the double fry system. After all, who doesn’t like crispy fries. Gently placing the fries into the pot, I let them go for 4-5 minutes. Removing them to a cooling rack, I turned the heat up a notch, and settled the pot around 370-375. Back in for another 2-3 minutes before a quick drip dry again. I dumped them into a metal bowl, and proceeded to flip and turn the golden fingers while giving them a healthy does of kosher salt.

Did it work? Would I do it again? Did it make the house stink? Were the delicious? Most definitely.

8 thoughts on “French Fries

  1. Agreed that all food should be well made and that looks like a winner ! My next fry quest is duck fat fries

  2. Yu-um. I’m not a fan of the smell of rendering lard either. I think I may do it in the wood oven outside next time – keep the smells out there.

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