Gluten Free Crepes

Before you start to wonder, I haven’t gone wheat free and yes I still love hearty whole grain breads just like I did yesterday. But this, this here is something new. With an increasing awareness in restaurants, and a rise of people who are starting to, or have always encountered a struggle with gluten, it was really only a matter of time before I took a crack at gluten-free. And with Miz J coming by for breakfast, I figured it was a great time to take the plunge. It’s not that she doesn’t already come over for breakfast, but this would be the first time I focused it around her specific gluten tolerances.

These crepes were quite possibly some of the easiest breakfast items I’ve ever whipped up. But….and it’s a big one, this would not have been anywhere close to as easy if I did not have a bag of gluten-free flour mix from Cochrane’s very own, GF Patisserie. Sarah and I have visited the location, which is now for sale, and can’t tell you enough about the quality and deliciousness they provide for the gluten-free community. They are easily worth the drive if you are in neighbouring Calgary. So with a magical bag of flours, all I had to do was add eggs and milk.

A few spins in my blender and I whipped the ingredients into a light, thin batter. Adding butter (each time) to the hot pan, I swirled it around before scooping in just over 1/3 cup of batter. That might sound like a lot, but it was a large pan. A few minutes on each side was all it took for these crepes to look just about right. Onto the cutting board, I keep things light and fun. Option 1 included vanilla yogurt and mixed berries (cooked down), with option 2 including a full banana for each crepe and generous internal coating of Nutella. There was also a 3rd option, which was more to use up the batter, and it included mozzarella. I’d like to think the results speak for themselves, but I might just quote Miz J, “These ARE gluten-free!!!!!”

Gluten Free Crepes
2 Cups GF Patisserie Flour mix
1 1/2 Cups Milk (adjust to make thin batter)
4 Eggs

1. Blend, or whisk the ingredients.
2. Pour 1/4 to 1/3 cup of batter into hot, greased pan.
3. Cook 1-2 minutes a side.
4. Remove to cutting board and fill with anything your heart desires. Ham. Cheese. Fruit. Ice Cream. Steak. Spinach…

11 thoughts on “Gluten Free Crepes

  1. That looks good, man! Now, assuming were to make them sweet, would you add a dash of vanilla essence to the batter?

    Sarah, as for pan, I usually make them using a non-stick. Yes, despite you will be adding butter but I prefer “insurance” in this case.

  2. Sarah – There are specific crepe pans, but I’ve always enjoyed good success with butter and non-stick pan.

    Kim – Thanks. They were good. I think that vanilla extract would be a great addition, seeing as I put it in my pancakes and french toast.

    Tara – Thanks.

    Ket – On top of the bottom photo? That is Nutella. I tried to thin some out so I could drizzle it on top, but it didn’t work so I used a fork to spread it around 😉

  3. Thanks Kim & Chris! I do not have a crepe pan and greatly need to reduce the “specialty” gadgets in my overflowing kitchen! My plan was a nonstick pan…will definitely add butter as “insurance” and additional flavour. This is dinner and dessert tonight. We’re doing a savoury and sweet.

  4. Honestly these were so good, seriously Banana’s and Nutella you can’t go wrong. It was craperific!
    Thanks for making such a great breakfast:o)

  5. I’ve always used a non-stick pan but I was wondering if it would work on a griddle (electric grill with griddle plates) if you spread the batter very quickly

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