Pizza Party – Again You Say…

While it may seem odd and rather rather fattening that Sarah and I have conquered so many pizza treats this early in year, it’d be hard not to think of it as a perfect party food. Which is exactly what we recently had when J & L came by for a weeknight get-together. Sarah said pizza, I happily obliged, and we were soon off the to races.

Pizza one was classic margherita; fresh mozzarella, basil, tomato sauce, with a finish of oil. Crust – Neo-Neapolitan from Peter Reinhart. It is a low-yeast, slow-rising dough and I find it very easy to both work with and eat on a regular basis. I do however flip flop with basil as some days I like it fresh on occasion, and some days I like it after some heat.

Pizza two was hot italian sausage, hard mozzarella, mushrooms, basil, tomato sauce, with a finish of oil. Crust – Peter Reinhart sourdough. The sausage came from Old Country and worked really well in giving the entire pizza a solid kick. You can’t quite tell, but this was definitely a meat pizza!

Pizza three was a little backward, as I laid a base of hard mozzarella, then a pile of caramelized onions, and finally a finish of fresh spinach. Crust – again Neo-Neapolitan from Peter Reinhart. I did try to sneak a few slices of fresh tomato on top to finish, but they fell off (along with some spinach) during the removal so that explains why the pie looks so depressing. Taste wise it was good. The mixture of cheese and caramelized onions was killer, and I’ve learned to either top the pie with spinach near the end, or make sure I steam it slightly to get a moist product and not run the risk of crispy, heat dried leaves.

Dessert was a simple, and while I thought about a nutella pizza, Sarah’s been craving this delicious treat of graham cracker crust with lemon custard on top. Good friends, good food, good times.

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