Aberdeen Centre – Richmond, British Columbia

Aberdeen Centre
4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC

After chatting with Kim the night before during our tofu party, it appeared that our lunch on Sunday would come from inside a mall. And before you start wondering why I would go a mall during our trip, you must remember this is Vancouver. And the malls I speak of offer some of the best, quick Asian eats around. So with Sarah, myself joining forces with The Binster and Kim, we headed out of the core in the beautiful morning glow; first to Yaohan Centre and then to Aberdeen Centre.

Curry Beef Brisket

Both of these malls have such a strong Asian-centric focus that I imagine it provides a close-to home experience for those new and old to the area. A quick wander through Yaohan Centre and it was apparent this was no Edmonton food court. From the assortment of deep fried Asian treats, which even included some gorgeous fried quail, to the endless pots of broth and noodles offerings, I think you could fill up very quickly. However, our visit was just a bit earlier than we might have liked so we headed across the street to Aberdeen Centre.

Spare Ribs W Black Bean Sauce

Here we found a more beautiful food court, with some big name players like Beard Papa. They even have a Triple O’s for those who have had their fill of Asian food. As a team we agreed to go off in search of a dish and bring it back to create our own family style meal. Sarah and I stuck together and found a stall that offered enough selections that we grabbed everything in one place. And instead of two, we thought a third dish might be what the doctor ordered.

BBQ Pork

Now in case you are wondering, pictures aren’t exactly easy to come by at Aberdeen. A security guard even approached our group at one point, meaning I don’t get to show you the stalls. Which is a shame, because I’m sure you’d like to know where to get the food. I guess we’ll just have to go by names. Sarah and I were at Leung Kee BBQ, Wonton & Noodle House and ordered Curry Beef Brisket on Rice, Pork Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce on Rice, and BBQ Pork on Rice.

Chicken Wings

Heading back to the table, we arrived to find Kim had ordered Deep Fried Chicken Wings from Wu Fung Dessert, and The Binster had opted for Hainanese Chicken & Rice from Café D’Lite Express. After a round of pictures which found both Sarah and The Binster wondering when they’d get to eat, we ripped the containers apart to act as plates and set about digging in.

Hainanese Chicken & Rice

Starting with our selections, I have to say the bbq pork was probably my favourite, with the ribs a close second and the curried beef in third. It wasn’t so much that the beef was bad, as it was that the sauce had a slightly bitter, dry curry spice feel that I just didn’t like. The ribs also had the bonus of Chinese sausage being throw on top. Yum! The chicken wings took crispy to a whole new level and were a welcome selection by Kim. Besides being served in their complete form, the crackling, perfectly seasoned exterior gave way to the moist, piping hot interior. These were seriously good wings. The Binster’s selection of Hainanese chicken added a nice cool compliment to the meal. The meat is served cold and is combined with a dish specific rice preparation that I’ve found to have an almost cult following. Like a good bowl of pho, I’ve heard many stories about people in search of the ‘best’ of this dish. Not being an expert in anyway, I found the meat cooked tender and the rice offering a nice change from the mounds of plain rice at the table.

I suppose it goes without saying, but this food court was a nice change from the everyday. And while the parking at both malls might described as a little more than just hectic, I think it’d be worth a monthly the drive if you lived in Vancouver.

7 thoughts on “Aberdeen Centre – Richmond, British Columbia

  1. Did you try any other Asian food courts? Crystal Mall (Bby), Richmond Public Market, are my two favourites. Neither are as modern as Aberdeen, but the authentic regional Chinese food at those two is really quite good.

  2. as a little more than just hectic

    Just a little??? I think you are being nice here!

    Gastro, I was hoping to take them to Crystal Mall for Wang’s XLB; however, time was against us and couldn’t make it. But, as usual, excuse for next time, Chris? 🙂

  3. The green condiment was a first for me, as opposed to the diced ginger I have become used to with this dish. All that was missing was a side of gizzards!

  4. (Chris, sorry if it sounds I am hijacking your comments!!!)

    shokutsu, while I was waiting for the wings, I started snapping pictures of Wo Fung’s menu. That’s when a security guard asking if I worked for them. When I answered no, he told me it is not allowed to take pictures of the storefront… UNLESS I am taking a picture of somebody (“somebody” I know, I pressume) who happens to be standing in front of the shop. During the meal, we were joking he was going to give us hard time for taking pictures of the food! 😀

    binster, gizzards and liver! 🙂

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