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Mini Mango
1056 91 St
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I don’t know how mini a mango actually has to be to fit in this category, but as a restaurant, I think this fits the bill. Mini Mango is located deep south. Yes, even farther than IKEA. It sits inside the Market at Summerside fortress which includes a Save-On Foods at its core, along with a smattering of businesses and a mixture of food stops. Heading down their last Thursday, I found myself enjoying a peaceful lunch with Zim and The Eagle.

The tiny space was packed when we arrived, but after a two top vacated the premise rather quickly, we slid an extra stool on the side to make it work. Ordering is straight forward and very much like Famoso over in South Edmonton Common. There is a large electronic menu behind the counter for you to order from, you pay, and then the food is taken out to you. Zim as well as a few other customers I overheard, mentioned that the electronic board was rather awkward to read, but I didn’t find any problems. If this is the case for you, there are take-out menus available at the till for that old school feel.

Our order took about 10 minutes to prepare and was delivered in spurts. We thought an order of Salad Rolls would get us on the right food, with our mains including Pad Thai, Lemgongrass Veggies, & 5 Meat Combo Rice Bowl. The salad rolls were mighty sized and the plump shrimp did a nice job trying to compete with the excess supply of lettuce, bean sprouts, rice noodles and herbs. The peanut sauce was thin, and while it’s been months since my last peanut sauce adventure, tasted rather unique. I’d reckon they make it in-house.

The Pad Thai was decent, nothing super authentic for those looking for that, but the noodles and the proteins were cooked spot on. Always nice to see. The 5 Meat Combo Bowl arrived on a standard rice offering, not too soft, not too hard, and was a hit. Crisp, clean vegetables and meats that were well prepared. The crispy spring rolls were a big hit for Zim. The lemongrass veggies were maybe the best part. There was great wok char on many items with the tenderness battle spot on. I mean that. These veggies were done just right. There was a distinct hint of lemongrass along with a bite from the chilies I could see scattered around. If they can cook chicken right, I’d definitely recommend adding that to a side of rice for a full meal.

All in all the little shop that could, did. A rather quick meal, that didn’t leave anyone with the standard fast food lunch after effects. The space is tiny which means you may have a wait, or be eating back at the office, but if you do make it down south, I think it’s worth a visit. If nothing else, you can tell your friends how deep south you went 😉

5 thoughts on “Mini Mango – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. The idea of peanut sauce is making me salivate. Your posts ALWAYS do this to me. Damn you! Will have to duck in the next time I’m in the deep south.

  2. This just reminded me how long it’s been since I’ve had Vietnamese food. Can anyone recommend a good independent place downtown? Off topic a bit, but this just reminded me — if you ever are in Vegas please check out Ichiza Japanese restaurant in China town…such a great place.

  3. Thanks for all the kind words! It’s support like yours that feeds our family passion to keep doing what we’re doing. We sure hope we can see you again soon to take care of you and your belly! Cheers! 8>D

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