– A Traveler’s Guide to Local Cuisine

Food and travel. To me, these two things go hand in hand. Even before I’ve booked a flight or filled my car with go-go juice, I’ve searched the internet and local CHOW board. This works in most cases rather well, but when traveling overseas or to a strange locale, I can be a bit lost. So when I received an email from the team at My City Cuisine, my ears perked up. Now I’m not here to say this is the defining information station when it comes to food travel, but as they spread the word and look for contributors, I can’t help think if this wiki takes off, it will grow and provide much needed information.

Take a look when you get a chance. I know I need to go back and look around some more, but I figure it’s worth the mention. Who knows, maybe we can create quite the Edmonton, Canada page!

MyCityCuisine is a project to create a free, reliable and up-to-date guide to the most original and tasty local foods from different countries of the world. MyCityCuisine is an open project, so we encourage everyone to contribute to it. The project’s goal is to help travelers discover local foods from all over the world, raise cultural awareness and preserve traditions in a world that’s constantly changing.

2 thoughts on “ – A Traveler’s Guide to Local Cuisine

  1. Though I use Chowhound for travel and local food news, their moron moderators very strongly remind of goose stepping SS officers.
    You know. Secretive, highly selective and lethal for unwanted minorities.

    So any new consumer driven food related Intel site is welcome.

    • Agreed Peter. My comments and posts have been changed or erased too many times to make CHOW my go to place. It’ll be interesting to see what the Wiki above becomes.

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