#YegZoom By #ZoomJer

Before I get too far behind in posts….If you know Jerry Aulenbach, you know he likes to throw a party. From helping out with the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation to simply showing the world his zuit suit, I’m lucky to usually be included in wherever the party ship sails. With that said, it didn’t really shock me that Jerry threw himself a birthday party. Arriving at Lux Steakhouse + Bar, I found 40+ people getting ready to celebrate. So much for saying twitter is just for communicating…

Sarah and I both had planned on coming, but a terrible cold had taken root at the household and she was unable to come. So being the care taker I am, I sat and ate dinner with her at home before heading out. My plan, take the meal home and share it later with Sarah. It didn’t exactly go like that. Sitting beside some great locals I added to my already full stomach with fresh popcorn, LUX style; It had a bit of spice, and might have been wasabi flavoured if I remember. A nice touch after having truffle and bacon varieties during earlier visits..

The first course was Arugula Saladtoasted walnuts, truffle white balsamic vinaigrette, dried cranberries. The salad and it’s ingredients worked well together. Maybe a little too well actually, because I quickly realized it didn’t have any contrasting elements and seemed rather one-sided. Safe & tasty, I had a peak at the menu when I got home and noticed the salad was supposed to include goat cheese. Could that have been the missing taste contrast? Our mains arrived after a considerable pause (more popcorn anyone) but did the job, like only a good meal can; Chipotle Braised Beef Shortribs caramelized onion mashed potatoes, roasted corn and ancho pepper salsa. The short ribs were perfectly tender and just seemed to melt in my mouth. Round of applause. Fireworks. The mashed potatoes were a good side, but even the salsa couldn’t compete with the delicious shortrib.

Dessert was ballsy and oh so very Jerry-custom, as Chef Cowan baked Jerry a cake and formed it into a slice of bacon. An ingenious idea, especially for someone who doesn’t bake. The cake was a little dense but remained moist; and for the huge amount of diners on this night, I think it worked wonderfully. Although the lack of red food dye meant the cake looked like raw bacon and not cooked 🙂 All in all it was a great night. I was able to meet some new foodies in town, share in the Jerry’s Big 3-0, and send Chef Cowan off in style as he celebrated his last night at Lux and is now the Executive Chef over at 100 Bar & Kitchen. Another solid party in #yeg.

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