Burger Inn – Calgary, Alberta

Burger Inn – Macleod Trail location
9669 Macleod Trail
Calgary, AB
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Located just a hop and skip from my hotel, I don’t think I would have even noticed Burger Inn had it not been for a nearby Purolator delivery. From the exterior sign and it’s assortment of animals, I actually wondered if this joint even served beef . Taking my curiosity to the next level, I grabbed my camera and went to work. The restaurant is rather plain and reminds me of an old cafe/fast food joint. I have expected swivel chairs similar to those as McDonald’s back in the day.

The gentleman behind the counter was friendly while being straight to the point. My options were on the board. My burger would come on white or brown, and should come loaded. Taking a minute to absorb everything, I made a note; ostrich, beef, salmon, wild boar, elk, bison, fish, chicken, veggie..whoa. This really was a burger inn. Making one big decision and hoping I wouldn’t regret it later, I ordered an ostrich burger and a wild boar burger. One on white and one on brown; both loaded.

Wild Boar


Taking my line in queue, I grabbed my Dr.Pepper and tried to look as inconspicuous as possible. Not really that easy when you carry a big camera in a tight space. Watching with anticipation, the female part of this burger team was busy buttering buns, loading on the toppings and grilling the patties. I wondered how she kept everything in order. Grabbing my order, I moved outside in hopes of not being stared at the entire time. I quickly realized how the chef could keep them apart; different shaped patties. The toppings were fresh, with a healthy dose of mayo, ketchup and mustard finishing the burger. The buns were toasted lightly by the grill and provided more than enough base for the patties. Which if you can’t tell, were thin and very manageable.

Both patties, to my delight, were slightly pink in the center and very juicy. Success! The biggest problem is that I couldn’t really tell you anything special about them. I knew it wasn’t beef, but the sauces left me with a ballpark feel and a rather indistinguishable product. Which I suppose is a bad thing if you really want to push the diversity of your offerings, but I was still won over. Juicy patties, especially hard with something lean like ostrich, toasted buns and fresh vegetables. Those things add up to success in my books.

*I did notice when I left that they also offer a Un-Burger. Similar to ordering your In-N-Out burger protein-style, you will get a bun-less burger wrapped inside of lettuce.

3 thoughts on “Burger Inn – Calgary, Alberta

  1. That’s one place I never went to during my 2 years in Calgary — I recall driving by it a few times. Anything similar in Edmonton?

    • Hmm. I don’t think there is anything similar here DaveR. I could be wrong though. I’ve taken to picking up game when I see it and making my own burgers. I’ve had good luck with both alpaca and musk ox burgers. Good thing spring is near.

      • Where do you get those meats (do they come as ground)? What is the cost relative to beef, bison, etc?

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