Creations Dining Room & Lounge – Edmonton, Alberta

Creations Dining Room & Lounge
4235 Gateway Blvd (Sawridge Inn Edmonton South)
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Going out for breakfast really isn’t my thing. The fact that I wake up at the crack of dawn everyday probably has something to do with this, as it usuals causes some sort of dilemma. Besides having already eaten, at least once, by the time people end up getting together, I often find the buffet assortment at most brunch joints to be more than enough than you need for the entire day, on top of being poor value. Not exactly how I want to start the day if that makes sense. Yet every so often you find someone who is willing to go early and the stars align. Which is exactly what happened this past weekend when Sarah and I found ourselves meeting up with Cat for a slice of company and a few pints of black gold.

Having been to Creations for a previous dinner engagement, Sarah and I were both keen to come back and experience another side of the menu. Walking in to the hotel, we found our brunch date waiting for us near the glass & fire wall you see above. A quick scan of the dining area while we waited to be seated and I realized, just like the previous visit, we had plenty of room to stretch out. It seems no matter when we come, the restaurant is always sparsely populated.

With our coffee mugs filled, and the pot left on the counter to refill as we may, we got down to ordering. The menu is small but conquers a lot. From omelets and bennies, to steak and yogurt. I really like that Creations allows dinners both the choice of healthy options and those with a bit more umpf. Cat started the table off with her pick of Texas Skillet Eggs, Steak, Scallions, Baked Beans & Country Grits. Ordering her steak rare, we were both happy to see it arrive as such. The eggs, scrambled in this case, along with the baked beans and grits added up to a healthy sized meal. We did notice that the beans and grits had something of a crust (possibly from sitting under a lamp), but yield moist results once opened up. The other point I must bring up is about the grits. Not creamy like Cat and I both imagined, instead they were almost biscuit consistency with a herbiness. And even though it came without the scallions, I think the dish lived up to its Texas name.

Sarah decided to go with the classic Two Eggs any StyleChoice of Ham, Bacon or Sausage, Breakfast Potatoes & Toast. Opting for bacon (which is always the right choice, no 😉 ), the meal came exactly how it should. Eggs ordered perfectly (sunny side up), with bacon almost totally crispy, nicely toasted bread, and amazing potatoes. Sarah almost had to stab my fork hand with a knife at one point because I kept herding them onto my plate like a madman. Crispy with a bit of fluffy interior, while being spiced just right; I could have easily eaten a giant plate of these breakfast potatoes.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I ordered the Corned Beef HashPoached Eggs, Corned Beef & Potato Hash, as Sarah let out an excited, “Yes!”. The plate arrived warm, as informed by the staff, and right I away I was excited. Can you tell why? My poached eggs, ordered soft, came with beautiful tails of egg white. Nothing says properly cooked poached eggs like tails! I enticed the bright yellow yolk out with all but the softest prick, and let it run across the plate without an ounce of care. The meaty punch of corned beef worked like a team to create a perfect balance of potato, onion, and yolk. In fact, if I wasn’t so busy trying to score Sarah’s potatoes, I think I would have finished my plate in under 2 minutes.

With an endless supply of coffee and no pressure to move on, the three of us relaxed and chatted for quite some time. The service, which wasn’t overly personal, was on point and very timely. I say this because a few staff members were located in key locations through out the restaurant, giving themselves an eagle eye for any table requirements. Whether you drop your fork, or need a refill, someone was there to quietly, without intruding, fill the need. If I could combine the service, the food, and the company into one word, it would be fantastic. Enough said.

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